The key to multi-dimensional world is that there is no life in our brain, on the edge of the universe

If the biggest difference between humans and other animals is that humans have brains to think, while animals can only survive by instinct and have no ability to think. Perhaps the simplest example is the comparison between dinosaurs and humans. We all know that dinosaurs are one of the most powerful creatures on earth, but dinosaurs ruled the earth for hundreds of millions of years, not by wisdom, but by their own strong body ability.

But the human species, though powerless, can stand at the top of the food chain with wisdom. The reason why people can evolve wisdom is that the brain is developed and the brain capacity is constantly expanding. Therefore, the difference between human brain and animals lies in the development of human brain.

However, the brain is a very complex organ, even in today’s medical technology is so developed, we can not completely decipher the brain. Many people once said that as long as the brain is cracked, human beings may be able to live forever and even evolve higher abilities.

When studying the brain, scientists believe that the temperament of the brain is composed of multi-dimensional space. The brain is more like a more complex universe with 11 dimensions. Although human beings can only use the third dimension at present, this is why we can only see and live in the third dimension.

As we all know, there are many complex neurons in the brain, complex, often as long as the brain is damaged, people will have many symptoms, many vegetative people just because the brain is damaged, in order to see the importance of the brain to human beings. This brain produces consciousness, which I define as thought.

In fact, everyone has his own point of view about consciousness. In the view of scientists, consciousness is produced by the human brain. After many studies, it is found that there are many spatial collections in the human brain, just like neurons.

We have said before that the brain is multidimensional, but humans can only use the third dimension, so we can only live in three dimensions. Similarly, we look at the world from a three-dimensional perspective rather than from a time and space perspective, so we stay in a three-dimensional perspective. Many people think that four-dimensional space exists, but because we haven’t found an entrance to four-dimensional space, we can’t understand the mystery of four-dimensional space.

If you want to really enter the four-dimensional space, maybe you can only let the brain structure adapt to and use the ability and environment of the four-dimensional space. In fact, the brain structure is very similar to the structure of the universe. Throughout the universe, we will find that there are countless planets and galaxies in the universe, which is similar to the brain structure. There are countless neurons in the brain.

Because human beings are now on the edge of the universe, we can’t find any alien civilization or aliens. Maybe in their eyes, life can’t exist in such a distant place as the edge of the universe.

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