The king of the sea, who preys on whales for a living, has to retreat without fighting when he sees this creature!

Megatoothed shark is an appalling name. It can be said that it is the overlord of the sea. It is one of the most powerful creatures in the history of the earth.

The average length of megatoothed shark is 14 meters and the weight is 40 tons. According to some spine fossils found, it is inferred that megatoothed shark is more than 20 meters long and weighs 70 tons. The longest tooth is more than 18 cm. Its biting force is even more terrifying. Its maximum biting force is estimated to be more than 20 tons. Its oral biting force exceeds that of Tyrannosaurus Rex. It was the top predator in the era of ocean survival from 15 million to 2.6 million years ago, and was praised by many paleontologists as the strongest creature on earth. However, there are people out there, and there is a day out there. Fortunately, megatoothed shark didn’t meet it. Otherwise, it’s still unknown who will win or lose.

Its nemesis is Melville whale, which lived 13 million years ago. It is 17 meters long, weighs 65 tons, and its teeth are 35 meters long. It may feed on baleen whales. At that time, it was also a top predator. Although the megatooth shark is larger in size, the weight of Melville whale is much heavier than megatooth shark, and megatooth shark is not as long as the teeth of Melville whale. However, the bite force of Melville whale and megatooth shark is very close. Although megatooth shark is slightly higher in speed and flexibility, it seems that Melville whale is certainly not as strong as megatooth shark. However, Melville whale is more intelligent than megatoothed shark, and knows how to think, grasp the opportunity and strategy in battle, grasp the enemy’s weakness, and give the enemy a fatal blow. Moreover, Melville whales also have sonar systems, which can judge the direction and predict the enemy even in places without light. Therefore, if they really fight, the winner is not a foregone conclusion.

The Dragon King whale, which lived 40 million years ago, has a slender body with a maximum length of 21 meters. Although its body size is only about 15 tons, it is the mammal with the strongest bite force. Experts calculated that it could easily destroy a 1600 kg head, and its teeth could completely penetrate the thick skin of its prey. At that time, it was at the top of the food chain in the ocean, and it mainly relied on its eyes to pounce on it. If the megatoothed shark met the Dragon King whale, who would be more powerful? The Dragon King whale is 2 to 3 meters bigger than the megatooth shark, and its bite force is also stronger than the megatooth shark, but its speed is better than the megatooth shark. Moreover, the Dragon King whale can’t stay in the deep sea for a long time, and it needs breathing due to its physical limitations. If these two monsters meet, it will definitely be a fierce fight.

Readers, which ancient giant creature do you think is the most powerful?

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