The largest “devil tsunami” on the earth, with a wave of 524 meters high, few survivors!

The largest “devil tsunami” on the earth, with a wave of 524 meters high, few survivors!

65 million years ago, dinosaurs were the overlord of the earth. Their ferocious habits and appearance made them the ruler of the earth. However, the natural disaster happened in the sky, and the dinosaurs died out before long. Some people speculated that it was caused by the impact of an asteroid. Even the dinosaurs could not resist this natural disaster. It can be seen how powerful the natural disaster is. After a number of mass extinctions, it’s finally human’s turn to dominate.

Today’s human beings have stood at the top of the food chain and become the leader of the earth. Unfortunately, human beings are still weak in the face of natural disasters. They are so weak that they can hardly cope with them. Take a tsunami in 2004, which was very powerful. The largest “devil tsunami” on the earth, with a wave of 524 meters high, few survivors!

In the face of this sudden disaster, countless people lost their lives in an instant when they were unprepared. It is so sad to know that the death of these people is equivalent to the destruction of many families. According to statistics, more than 200000 people died in this disaster. Many people mistakenly believe that this is the largest tsunami in the world. However, there has been a tsunami similar to this kind in history. It is just a devil. How powerful is it?

A magnitude 8.3 earthquake occurred in that year. This earthquake caused many accidents. Not only the surrounding houses collapsed, but also many people died here. Mountains and plates also moved. Even more than 30 million cubic meters of icebergs were completely smashed and directly fell into the Gulf of litua, Alaska. You should know that the power of a stone falling into the sea is not small, not to mention an iceberg with such a large area. Falling into the sea from an altitude of more than 900 meters directly raises huge waves as high as 524 meters. What is the concept of 524 meters? It’s equivalent to the 200 storey building today, inundating the vast majority of buildings. It’s frightening to think about it. This is the strongest tsunami in history, which refreshes people’s understanding of tsunami.

In this time of the devil tsunami, few survivors, although they occasionally survived, looking back on the past, people shudder, such a powerful tsunami, I dare not think about it. On such a large earth, although human beings are special, they also have the ability to think independently. In the face of these natural disasters, they are very weak.

Nowadays, the occurrence of many natural disasters is closely related to human habits, so we should always protect the environment and cherish everything we have now. At the same time, we should also improve science and technology, make some high-tech products to predict the arrival of tsunami, and make some preventive measures in advance. We can’t stop these natural disasters, but we can prevent them, prepare for them and reduce the damage. Everyone should be content and cherish what they have. What do you think of it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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