The largest iceberg in history breaks away from the Antarctic continental shelf, global warming, how can human beings survive?

In recent years, the temperature of the earth is increasing year by year. According to the analysis of scientists, the temperature of the earth is increasing by one degree every year on average. In fact, friends can feel it from this year’s high temperature, and the majority of netizens collectively say: why is it so hot this summer. Take the north for example. In the past, the highest temperature in summer in Shanxi was only 35 degrees, and the highest temperature in some areas was 38 degrees. This summer, in recent days, the highest temperature in some areas of Shanxi reached 41 degrees, with an average of about 35 degrees. The temperature in the north is so high, so it is conceivable that the south is a stove.

The main reason for the rising temperature of the earth is human pollution and destruction of the environment. Although all countries in the world are strengthening environmental protection, the destruction is always faster than protection. The formation of a forest takes decades, hundreds of years, but the destruction only takes a few days.

This is just another piece of bad news: the largest iceberg in history broke away from the Antarctic continental shelf. The iceberg originally belonged to the Larsen C ice shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula. It broke from the Larsen C ice shelf between July 10 and 12, researchers from the University of Swanson and the British Antarctic survey said.

The iceberg may be named A68. It covers an area of 5800 square kilometers, which is close to the land area of Shanghai. The thickness of the ice layer is about 350 meters, and the total weight is about 1 trillion tons. After the iceberg separated, the area of Larsen C ice shelf was reduced by 12%. It’s one of the biggest icebergs on record, said Adrian leckman, a professor at Swanson University.

The record of the largest iceberg is kept by iceberg B15. It broke off from the Ross Ice Shelf in 2000, twice the size of the iceberg.

As we know, Antarctica is a very cold place, covered with ice and snow. Once all the icebergs in Antarctica melt, the sea level of the earth will rise by 70 meters. At that time, I’m afraid only a few plateau areas of the whole earth will survive, and other places will be submerged. Over the past decade or so, scientists have observed that the southern ice is melting. The most intuitive reaction is that the ice blocks are moving away from the southern plate and toward the sea. The ice blocks are large and small. However, the area of this ice block is equivalent to the area of Shanghai this time. We can imagine how huge it is.

With the continuous melting of the southern ice, scientists can not find a good solution. With the continuous melting of the ice, the sea level is rising. At present, the sea level is rising every year. The rising sea level will lead to continuous floods and waves in coastal areas. At present, some countries are ready to build maritime mobile cities. It is estimated that most of the future human beings will survive on the sea. It is an inevitable choice to build a huge maritime city.

The land area of the earth only accounts for 29%, and it may only be 1% in the future. Let’s protect the environment now. Although it is difficult to change the general trend, we can slow down the rising speed of the earth’s temperature by protecting the environment. The earth is our home. Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment.

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