The largest piece of ownerless land on earth, countries have been reconciled, no one dares to occupy alone

The earth we live on is nearly 4.6 billion years old. Its surface area is about 510 million square kilometers, of which 29% is land and the remaining 71% is ocean. The area where human beings live is less than one third of the earth. With the proliferation of human beings, we live on less and less land. Although there are more people, the per capita land use is less and less. Now there are more than 200 countries and countless tribes on the earth, all of which have their own territories. Even many countries are fighting for the territory issue, fighting for the territory that no one belongs to. What we are going to talk about today is the largest piece of ownerless land on the earth, with an estimated value of trillions, but no country dares to occupy it.

The total area of this ownerless land is about 14.051 million square kilometers, which is called the “Seventh Continent” on earth, that is, Antarctica. Antarctica is the latest continent discovered by human beings, with many mysteries. China is the third largest country in the world, and its area is equivalent to one and a half of China. Its vast territory is shocking, and it has become the largest ownerless land on earth. “The Seventh Continent” has never had a permanent population. 99% of its land is covered with solid and thick ice. Almost all the icebergs in sight will not melt in summer. Some of them will turn into floating ice on the sea, which can’t be avoided by mariners. Even the geographical assessment of Antarctica is: strong wind, cold and lack of oxygen. This may be surprising, such a bad environment, even survival is not necessarily, what is the value of it?

In the past, people’s ideas generally existed like this. However, since American scientists went to Antarctica and discovered that there are a lot of mineral resources under the land of “the Seventh Continent”, then explorers and scientists from various countries rushed to Antarctica to investigate. They found that there are far more than that. The underground oil resources are worth about trillion! It means that whoever owns the Antarctic continent owns these resources. Many countries have set their eyes on this land of no owners covered with ice and snow. Why does no one want to occupy it?

Although many people covet this rich and cold continent, no country has the right to exploit it. After all, Antarctica is the common property of all mankind. Later, many countries chose to compromise and signed the Antarctic Treaty, claiming collectively that Antarctica did not belong to any one country. Since then, many countries have set up many investigation stations in Antarctica, and many investigation teams have gone to Antarctica. All countries have begun to plant flags on this land and divide their territory. With the confirmation of the value of Antarctica, the exploration of this continent has been strengthened, not only to confirm the value of this land, but also to observe the biology and ecology here. Although the mining of mineral resources in Antarctica is still difficult, in recent years, Antarctica tourism has swept the world rapidly. The beauty of aurora is not only visual enjoyment, but also inner shock.

But now we should pay more attention to the ecological environment. There are very few ice blocks in the Arctic Ocean, and even the organisms living around them will be on the verge of extinction. We should pay more attention to ecological and protective development, and can no longer lose the Antarctic.

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