The last image that opportunity sent back to earth has become a masterpiece of Mars and a hero of human beings

There are eight planets in the solar system, of which three are in the habitable zone, namely Venus, earth and Mars. It is reasonable to say that all three planets have the possibility of birth of life, but at present, only earth is found to be a living planet, and after the birth of human beings millions of years ago, the earth has been upgraded to a civilized planet.

When human beings walked out of the earth, nature paid special attention to Venus and Mars. Scientists wanted to explore whether there was any possibility of life on Venus and Mars. They explored Venus and Mars one after another, and finally took Mars as a key exploration target. The reason why scientists chose Mars instead of Venus is that although Venus has a thick atmosphere, it has a thick surface The environment on the surface is too bad, not only the high temperature of about 400 degrees Celsius, but also the frequent acid rain. In such an environment, it is difficult for the probe to land on the surface for detection, and the outer space probe is also difficult to observe and see the surface of Venus due to the thick atmosphere.

Mars is different. It has only a thin atmosphere. Although it is also a barren planet, it can land on the surface of Mars, which provides great convenience for exploring Mars. In order to explore Mars, scientists have launched many probes to Mars in recent decades, including orbital probe and landing probe. Opportunity was launched by NASA in 2003 and successfully landed on Mars in January 2004, opening the first Mars exploration journey of mankind.

Opportunity is a Mars rover. At first, scientists designed it for 90 days. However, the performance of opportunity is far beyond expectations. It has served on Mars for nearly 15 years and sent back 217594 Mars images to the earth. It has traveled a record 45 kilometers on Mars, becoming the first probe in human history to hit camarason on a different planet.

If there is no major disaster, opportunity should be able to continue its service and Exploration on Mars. However, at the end of May 2018, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter detected a super dust storm on Mars, which was strong and lasted for a long time, and was the largest dust storm ever seen since scientists explored Mars.

At that time, the opportunity was just near the sandstorm. Although the opportunity team made emergency measures in time, because opportunity was an early human detector driven by solar energy, the sandstorm blocking the sky was tantamount to directly cutting off its energy source. On June 10, 2018, opportunity was drowned by the desert storm, and before it entered the dormancy state, it had a communication with the earth The last communication data transmission.

The last image of opportunity in this data transmission became its Mars masterpiece, and then it fell into a dark state and entered a dormant state. The scale and duration of this dust storm on Mars exceeded scientists’ estimation. A few months later, when the dust storm on Mars gradually receded, scientists tried to wake up opportunity, but the reality was very cruel, and opportunity did not respond.

After sending more than 800 wake-up commands to opportunity, scientists had to accept the fate of opportunity and the world. NAS officially announced the end of opportunity on February 13, 2019. Although opportunity has finished its 15 year long Mars exploration mission, we will never forget its contribution to mankind.

Today, human beings have more and more knowledge of Mars, which has a great relationship with the selfless efforts of opportunity. Now it sleeps under the dust of Mars, and human beings have no ability to recover it. On the day when human beings land on Mars and space technology is more developed, we believe that scientific love will bring opportunity back to earth and repair it .

Although opportunity has ended its mission and entered dormancy, the Mars exploration mission has not stopped. Curiosity rover will continue to explore Mars. Unlike opportunity, curiosity rover was launched in November 2011 and successfully landed on Mars in August 2012. Compared with opportunity, curiosity is more advanced, and its power system is still nuclear, so it didn’t fall down in the Martian dust storm last year, but has been working in the sandstorm.

Curiosity is much stronger than opportunity. It has made many important discoveries on Mars, such as the presence of water and methane in the atmosphere. Some time ago, during its journey, curiosity also found plants suspected of mushroom fungi. If they are really mushrooms, it will open a new chapter for human beings to explore Martian life.

Curiosity has a strong power system, so it can go up many high slopes. Today, curiosity is heading for a geomorphic structure that scientists have always wanted to explore. There may be major discoveries there. We are looking forward to bringing good news to mankind.

In addition to the Mars rover, scientists also launched the insight probe to Mars last year, and successfully landed on Mars. It is a fixed landing probe, whose mission is to drill the surface of Mars and explore deep below the surface. Human beings know more and more about Mars. It may not be long before human beings will launch a manned landing on Mars and establish a base on it.

When we have a complete understanding of Mars, it is also the beginning of the Mars reconstruction plan to prepare for human migration to Mars in the future. I believe this day will not be too far away.

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