The last of Hawking’s three predictions has come true, and the first two are worrying!

Many people think that Hawking is the most outstanding scientist after Newton and Einstein. He has a great sense of drama and legend. It seems that since he was born, his life is destined to be different from that of ordinary people. Although he is suffering from frostbite and his whole body can’t move, it doesn’t affect him. It brings human beings a better way to explore the world. In fact, Hawking not only brought human ideas, but also left three prophecies to the world. He had been interviewed before his death. These three prophecies are also his advice to mankind, and one of them has almost come true.

Gene editing.

Human DNA has a great influence on life. It not only determines the blood type and race of life, but also contains all the information of growth and development. In 1909, Danish scientists put forward the gene theory, and then genes developed rapidly in hundreds of years. The 21st century is also the century of human genetic engineering. Now our technology level has been 10 points developed, and human beings have the most basic grasp of gene. I don’t know if you still remember cloning Dolly sheep. This is actually the best proof of gene for human beings. Gene editing proposed by Hawking is actually gene improvement.

At that time, human beings can choose genes. We all know that many children may have congenital diseases. If human beings can choose genes and discard backward genes, then children will be stronger and smarter from childhood. The life span of human beings has also been greatly improved. This is to improve the life span of human beings through genetic improvement. Of course, there is no way for human beings to carry out such experiments at present. Perhaps this technology can be developed after human beings overcome the ethical and moral problems in the future.

The future of mankind.

Hawking once predicted the earth. He thought that by 2600, the earth would no longer be the environment it is today. At that time, the earth would become a real fireball. If human beings want to continue their civilization, they must start to migrate. Mars is the best choice. Hawking once held a conference in Mumbai, India, at which he directly invited more than 3000 scholars to discuss human migration plans. However, at the current level of science and technology, human beings still face many problems in order to achieve space migration. Power technology and genetic engineering are the foundation. After all, the environment of the universe is very bad. If human beings can transform their genes after solving the problem of power, then in the future, human beings may develop into a new kind of human race, at that time The waiting humans will be the first alien colonists.

global warming.

This has become a common topic. With the development of human civilization, industries in various countries are in full swing. While carbon dioxide emissions are rampant, the global temperature is also rising, especially in 2020, global warming appears more frequently in the mouth of scientists. The Arctic has broken through the high temperature of 38 degrees, and even the Antarctic has reached 20 degrees for the first time Degree. Hawking believes that in today’s environment, human beings should control population growth, which can reduce energy consumption and stabilize the economy and situation. Otherwise, by 2600, the earth will face unprecedented pressure, and the consumption of resources will make the earth more severe.

Since Hawking’s prediction appeared on the Internet, many people are also worried. Some conspiracy theorists believe that Hawking’s prediction is not groundless. Maybe the end of the world is coming. Some people have predicted that in the future, the explosion of Yellowstone volcano will be greatly increased. If the super volcano erupts, the bacteria and dust released will be enough to make the whole earth happy Where should human beings go after a biochemical crisis?

Hawking’s third prediction has now been realized. The development of civilization is always full of two sides. If human beings can’t control global warming, it will accelerate the disorder of the earth’s ecological environment. If we can’t find a second earth, then the future of human beings is in danger.

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