The last of the three controversial experiments in human history has brought a great blow to human life

The progress and development of science and technology are attributed to every experiment. Through countless experiments, science and technology can improve our lives. However, in the process of scientific development, there are some experiments that are unknown or even against ethics. In some psychological experiments, some controversial ways are used to reflect the darkness and cruelty of science. Let’s follow Xiaobian to learn about the “irrational” experiments.

1. Humanity experiment of Volkswagen advertising

We all know that there are many purposes of advertising, such as inciting consumers to buy or improving brand awareness. A successful advertisement is to attract readers’ attention first, and then persuade readers to believe what they have read.

However, Volkswagen has made experiments on human nature in its advertising campaign. They, together with the transportation department, have specially set up a speedometer on a certain road, which can record the speed of the car on that road section. Of course, there is a traffic rule of 20 miles per hour on that road section. If speeders are found, they will be fined for speeding. On the contrary, those who obey the traffic rules will receive thank-you letters and fines from violators. The results show that the average speed of vehicles passing through this section has been reduced by 22%.

2. Human soul weight measurement experiment

In the early 20th century, a doctor of biology in the United States conducted a series of experiments on six people who were about to die. These people were repeatedly weighed and recorded immediately after death. In these dense records, the biologist, through a simple mathematical operation, concluded that all the experimenters lost an average of 21g in weight after death. Scientists believe that this 21g is the weight of human soul, which indirectly shows the theory that human has soul.

After the experiment of human soul, the scientists carried out the same experiment on 15 dogs, weighing them before and after death, and found that the weight of the dogs almost did not change after death. So scientists believe that dogs have no soul.

However, this view was later refuted by another scientist, who thought that this experiment was wrong, because when a living body died, the lungs stopped working, the blood temperature would suddenly rise, and sweating led to fluid loss in the body, which also explained why the weight of dogs lacking sweat glands did not change. And the human soul experiment is only carried out on 6 people, which is not of great reference value.

3. Forced sex transfer experiment

In Canada, there is a boy named David Lima. Unfortunately, David’s reproductive organs were destroyed when he underwent male excision, causing irreversible damage. So, on the advice of a psychologist, his mother agreed to gender reset him and raise him as a girl. Later, David became more and more similar to girls in character. People thought that the gender experiment was very successful, and believed that gender could be reshaped by the day after tomorrow.

But what everyone didn’t expect happened. 15-year-old David started his life as a man again and announced his story to the public. Obviously, suffering from depression, marital problems and financial problems, David couldn’t hold on and finally committed suicide in 2004.

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