The last picture sent back by Voyager 1 is a dim little blue dot. What does it represent?

What is the dim blue dot that Voyager 1 photographed? Human beings think deeply after seeing it!

Since the emergence of various high-tech, human beings have finally launched a fierce exploration of outer space. The appearance of China’s heavenly eye has sent back all kinds of information about outer space for human beings, and has given human beings a deeper understanding of outer space. At the same time, the emergence of various detectors has made outstanding contributions to human beings. For a long time, mankind has launched many space probes, such as Pioneer 11, Voyager 1, Voyager 2 and so on. Among them, Voyager 1 has made the greatest contribution. Why do you say that?

It has created many firsts in history. It is not only the longest flying detector, but also the fastest detector. In 1977, the Voyager was sent to outer space to start a long space journey. Until October 2019, Voyager 1 sent back too much important information in the 40 years. It flew to an extrasolar system 21.1 billion kilometers away from the earth. What is the dim blue dot that Voyager 1 photographed? Human beings think deeply after seeing it!

The last photo taken by the traveler

In a sense, it has already flown out of the boundary of the traditional solar system. Its contribution includes the information survey of Jupiter and Saturn, and provides a lot of exquisite photos for mankind. Among the many photos, one of the most prominent is the last photo taken by Voyager 1 after it left the solar system. The content of this photo is quite simple. A dot appears in the dark blue picture, which is very eye-catching. What does it represent?

From the picture, it is a small blue dot. In fact, it is the real appearance of the earth. In this picture, the earth is only pixel size. In the eyes of human beings, the earth is boundless and a huge planet. According to the calculation, 150 million square kilometers of land can survive 120 billion people, which shows that the earth is much more powerful than we think. In the solar system, the volume of the sun is 130 times more than that of the earth. That is to say, one sun can hold 130 earths. There are many stars of the same size as the earth in the universe, which are more vast than the earth.

I can’t believe what the earth looks like

Seeing the insignificance of the earth, many people can’t help sighing that human beings are so weak that it’s not worth mentioning. When they saw this little blue dot, many people couldn’t believe that it’s the earth we live on at the beginning. Some even questioned that the dim blue dot photographed by travelers is not the earth. After all, there are so many lives on the earth. According to the truth, it must be huge Big, never so small.

But in fact, the authenticity of this picture is reliable. The earth is very small in the universe, just like a grain of dust. I want to really find out how big the universe is. It may not be possible in the limited human life. Mankind has always had a great dream, that is to find out the area of the universe, how big is it? Human beings have always set this goal in the front, and only by inspiring themselves, can they have greater motivation. In the process of exploration, there is a long way to go. What do you think of the dim blue dots photographed by Voyager 1? You can leave a message for interaction.

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