The last shame of ancient “black technology”

We all know the four great inventions in ancient China, and we are familiar with the four great inventions in modern times. All of these provide great convenience for people’s life. But today, instead of discussing these common technologies, we need to take stock of the ancient “black technologies”. No more nonsense. Now let’s get to know these ancient black technologies.

First: the sewer before Qin Shihuang unified the six states

This is a sewer pipe unearthed in Xi’an before the unification of the Qin Dynasty and the six kingdoms. Looking at whether it is very similar to the layout of modern pipes, we can’t help but sigh at the wisdom of the ancients. Besides, there are more luxurious pottery styles. It is now in the Yin Ruins Museum of Anyang. You can see it at any time.

Second: the crystal cup in the Warring States period

Crystal cup is not exclusive to modern people. It was also used in ancient times. But this cup is not that cup. The ancient crystal cup is not made of crystal glass similar to modern technology. It’s made of natural crystal. It’s very precious.

Third: refrigerators in the Warring States Period

This refrigerator really embodies the wisdom of the ancient people. At that time, the refrigerator was called icepot. It was made by using the principle similar to modern refrigerator. In addition to the function of refrigerator, it was also natural and pollution-free.

The fourth: toilet in Chu period

Even in modern society, the toilet has not occupied all the toilets. Because of the physiological structure, Asian people are generally suitable for squatting. But I didn’t expect that someone had invented the toilet in ancient times, which is a subversive toilet tool. Avant garde thinking, know how to enjoy ah.

Fifth: the transparent mirror unearthed in Han Dynasty

The transparent mirror in the Western Han Dynasty was called “Sunglasses” by foreigners, which is an outstanding creation in China’s mirror casting technology and fully reflects the wisdom of the ancient Chinese working people. It was not until the 1980s that scientists solved its complicated manufacturing principle.

Sixth: female masturbator unearthed in Han Dynasty

I don’t want to explain much about this little editor. We all understand it. In extremely conservative China, even in modern times, there are only a few people who use female masturbators. It’s really shameful that there were such bold instruments in ancient times.

Scientific and technological progress has indeed brought people a lot of convenience, but also the birth of a lot of unexpected things. If you want to know more about “black technology”, please like, subscribe and pay attention to it.

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