The latest discovery of scientists: there may be 300 million habitable planets in the Milky way, and alien life is very common?

After so many years of exploration, we still have not found a second earth. There are so many planets in the universe that human beings should not be the only intelligent life in the solar system. In 1960, the Drake Equation came out. Using it, we can calculate the number of planets in the galaxy. Although the answer is intuitive, it is still not the final result.

Just some time ago, scientists made a major discovery on the way to explore habitable planets. Scientists believe that there are about 300 million planets in the galaxy that can give birth to life. If there are so many stars in the galaxy that can give birth to life, why don’t we find them?

What is a habitable planet?

Although there are differences in the conditions for the birth of life, the following 3:00 is a necessary factor, that is, the planet should have a solid surface to support the development of life. The second factor is to have an appropriate temperature and a moderate distance from the sun. The third factor is that the planet should be located in the habitable zone, which can ensure the liquid state Water resources can support life related activities. In 2009, NASA of the United States launched the Kepler space telescope. Relying on this telescope, we are also looking for a planet suitable for migration. In 2018, this telescope has retired, but the data left is still very valuable.

During the whole process of exploration, scientists have also found many candidate migration planets by using telescopes, of which 2300 can give birth to life, but these rocky planets are relatively small, so they are difficult to find. What is a rocky planet? It’s about 0.5 to 1.5 times the mass of the earth. If we select according to this condition, among the general rocky planets, with appropriate temperature and distance, there are 300 million that can realize the birth of life.

Although the rocky planets near these stars may not be able to give birth to life, it at least proves that the conditions for the birth of life are necessary. Maybe in the future, we can find more exoplanets and find more extraterrestrial life. In addition to these planets, there are also a large number of red dwarfs in the universe. Although their temperature is lower, their life span is longer, which can provide a lot of time for their own planets to breed life.

According to the calculation of Drake equation, we also have a preliminary understanding of life in the universe. Of course, this is not the final answer. It will take a long time to explore whether these 300 million planets can give birth to life. With the continuous growth of scientific research force, I believe this goal will be achieved soon. What do you want to say?

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