The legendary Chinese scientist has laid the foundation for the six Nobel prizes, which is well accepted by foreigners

Two or three things about Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize is the highest prize in the world. If a scientist can get such an honor, he will make great contribution to the development and progress of human beings, and he will be the leader of the times.

Great scientists are not only ahead of the development of the times in theory, but also because they have the courage to innovate and have real talents.

So what should scientists do to have such a high Nobel Prize? As a matter of fact, scientists are not only innovative and insightful about the present science and technology, they will also make further analysis according to the theories left by their predecessors, so as to improve the schools and theories of their predecessors.

Here will throw out a very important question, so what kind of views left by predecessors can guide future generations to dig and break through it? For example, Newton and Einstein are the most famous scientists. Today, there is a similar scientist named Yang Zhenning in China.

Professor Yang Zhenning, a genius among the strange people

Professor Yang Zhenning is famous. He is the first person in Chinese scientific circles. He was born in 1942 in the era of war, but he has been tenacious. After graduating from National Southwest University, he was admitted to Tsinghua University for a master’s degree, and then to the University of Chicago for a doctor’s degree. In 1949, he even entered the highest Research Institute in the United States, that is, the Princeton Institute of higher studies for a postdoctoral research Scientific research.

During this period, he and Li Zhengdao proposed the law of non conservation in weak interaction, which once again established the trend of physics. Now many scientists are focusing on this aspect of research. At the same time, Yang Zhenning and Li Zhengdao also won the Nobel Prize in physics. In addition, he also proposed Yang mills theory.

This theory may be little known now, but it was not until after the 1960s that some physicists found that it was very important. To some extent, this theory laid the basic norms of physical theory, and made the research in the field of physics have a clearer direction.

Yang Zhenning’s contribution to Nobel Prize

According to the data, there are at least six Nobel prizes because of the theory put forward by Professor Yang Zhenning.

These people are grasho, Weinberg and Salam. They all use young mills theory in their research theory, and verify the weak interaction mentioned by Professor Yang Zhenning. If there are three kinds of normative examples in the world, then quantum electrodynamics will certainly appear, thus establishing the unified theory of weak electricity. Therefore, they won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1979.

According to the theory of three people, in 1984, Nubia and van der Meer demonstrated the existence of three kinds of particles and confirmed their existence, so they won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1984.

When it comes to 2013, Hicks also leads to a new physical particle by studying the theory proposed by Yang Ruilin, which is called Higgs particle.


From the above information and data, it can be seen that Professor Yang Zhenning has played an indelible role in the development of physics in China and even in the world, and his achievements are enough to match the achievements of many foreign and domestic scientists.

Of course, it’s no surprise that he won the title of the first Chinese contemporary scientist. At the same time, as the first scientist to return to China for scientific research, he also invited many Chinese scientists who are familiar with him to return home to study together. Nowadays, with the rapid development of AI and all kinds of physics in China, it is precisely because academicians like them can make contributions to the motherland. Many Chinese should learn from Professor Yang Zhenning’s excellent qualities and stand on the shoulders of giants together, which is an irresistible trend of China in the world.

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