The letter C appears in lunar rocks? Is this alien or human prank?

Since the U.S. Apollo astronauts landed on the moon in 1969, the voice of questioning the U.S. landing on the moon has never stopped. Half a century has passed, and many conspiracy theorists still believe that this landing on the moon is nothing more than a deception of the U.S. self directing and self acting. The pictures taken by the astronauts were only taken in the studio. Behind the moon, it turned out to be dark without a star. It’s really puzzling.

Letters on lunar rocks


In addition to this question, conspiracy theorists also have a new question, which has also been paid attention to by scientists. It turns out that in a large number of photos of the moon, one of them looks very strange. A black symbol appears on a moon rock. The black symbol is actually the letter C. This is a language invented by human beings. Why does it appear on the rocks of the moon? Obviously, astronauts will not leave such symbols on the moon, so some people think that the moon rock is just a prop of the studio.

NASA naturally does not admit this view. NASA claims that this photo was taken by astronauts during the sampling process. The astronauts conducted a total of three lunar sampling activities on the moon. In fact, in this photo, in addition to the letter C, there is a cross symbol. In fact, many photos have appeared a cross symbol, which is actually the alignment set by the camera. Although the cross sign is normal, the appearance of the letter C on the lunar rocks is very strange. In order to solve the secret of the letter C, scientists have also conducted a close investigation.

The truth of letters

In 2001, a scientist, Steve, got a film from NASA and asked her to redevelop it. He found that there was no letter C on the stone. Therefore, scientists suspect that the photo may be mixed with other substances in the process of printing. When the professionals conducted a detailed study, they finally found that the letter C is likely to be a hair shadow. So, the letter symbols on the moon rocks are just the hairs mixed in the process of scanning. They are not real alien symbols or props of the studio.

Therefore, although many people are still questioning the U.S. landing on the moon, one question after another has been solved by scientists. Due to the exposure market of cameras, it is likely that there will be no stars in the sky behind the moon due to the selection of reference objects in the process of taking photos.

Now China’s chang’e-5 has completed the lunar sampling work, I believe that with the emergence of research results, we will have a deeper understanding of the moon. I don’t know what you think of this?

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