The life span of the sun is only about 5 billion years. Once it disappears, how long can humans last?

The reason why human beings can survive on the earth for tens of thousands of years, in fact, in addition to the earth’s essential resources, the light and heat released by the sun has also become an essential factor for human survival. As long as the sun exists, all things on the earth can continue to multiply. However, according to the research data of scientists, the life span of the sun may be only 5 billion years. I wonder if you have ever thought about a question: how long can human beings survive if the sun disappears in the future?

The birth of the sun

4.5 billion years ago, there was a huge hydrogen molecular cloud on the edge of the galaxy, which collapsed under the influence of gravity. In this process, all the matter began to gather, forming a huge sphere. With the evolution of the universe and the passage of time, the mass of this huge sphere became larger and larger, that is to say, the inner core was under more and more pressure High. At a certain moment, the core region begins to release energy, and a planet that can disperse light and heat is born, which is the sun.

According to the energy release of the sun, in the future, the sun will become hotter and bigger, and the energy of the sun will also affect the environment of the earth, and the temperature of the earth will continue to rise with the sun. If it reaches a certain critical value, the environment of the earth will no longer be suitable for human survival. If human beings have not gone out of the earth at that time, maybe our civilization will also change To the end, it has become a tiny cosmic dust.

What happens to the earth after the sun disappears?

After 5 billion years, the life of the sun will come to an end, and the solar system will change greatly. The plants on the earth need sunlight for photosynthesis, so the plants on the earth will die in a few days. When the sun disappears for the first week, the temperature of the earth will soon drop. At this time, human beings still have fuel reserves, but these fuels can not fully support human survival. If the sun disappears one year later, the temperature of the earth will reach minus 240 degrees. At that time, if human beings can not find a second planet, they may only be able to survive underground.

At such a temperature, the oceans on the earth will quickly freeze and become one huge skating rink after another. If human beings can’t escape from the earth and find a new livable planet, there will be only one outcome waiting for us. In fact, there are stars bigger than the sun in the universe, but their life span is only about one billion years. If there is a known star around these stars, the life span of the known star will not be particularly long.

Human hope

According to scientists, in fact, there is a kind of star evolution in the universe that is very suitable for life, that is, red dwarfs. Generally speaking, the surface temperature of red dwarfs is relatively low, and their mass is generally not more than half of the mass of the sun. Infrared stars account for 7% of the total number of stars in the Milky way and the Middle East. Scientists have found a red dwarf star, which has less flare activity, so scientists think that it is possible that there is life. Many people may have doubts. Why do we say that after the disappearance of the sun, the hope of human survival depends on the red dwarf? In fact, this is because red dwarfs have a long life span and relatively stable activities. According to human science and technology, a billion years is actually a very long time for human beings. During this period of time, human beings may have already found another life planet.

Of course, this is also a guess made by scientists for the future. Although the life span of the sun is only 5 billion years, for human beings, the number is still very huge. Perhaps before the sun disappears, human beings have gone to other planets to survive and realize star trek. At that time, human beings might have reached the first level of civilization, and continued to develop new civilizations on another planet, so whether the sun disappeared or not did not have much impact on us at that time. I don’t know what you think?

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