The little boy who claims to be from Mars predicts that the earth God is in China. Do you agree?

The little boy who claims to be from Mars predicts that the earth God is in China. Do you agree?

In many TV plays, there is an interesting plot, that is through. Female or male owners, through a chance, travel to ancient or modern times to add more attraction to the whole TV series. It’s something everyone dreams of. Reality is always cruel. There is a gap that cannot be crossed with human beings. No matter how hard human beings try, they can never cross it. Although crossing is involved in many plots, human ability is limited and can’t succeed at all.

Martian boy tells about professional knowledge on Mars

Einstein once thought that if human beings could find wormholes one day in the future, they might be able to travel through interstellar space-time at will. Many people don’t believe that there is travel through interstellar space-time, but there are always people who call themselves from foreign planets. One of them is a little boy born in 1996, his name is Boriska. At that time, he was only seven years old and claimed that he was from Mars. At the beginning, many people were full of doubts. The main reason was that he told a lot of professional knowledge about Mars and detailed how he came to the earth. After asking his parents, they found no abnormality in him, and they were dubious about poliscka. The little boy who claims to be from Mars predicts that the earth God is in China. Do you agree?

From the age of two, he liked to talk about any story about the universe. According to his description, there was civilization on Mars. At that time, due to a devastating disaster, the atmosphere on Mars gradually disappeared, and finally had to die. He flew a spaceship to escape to the earth, and made many predictions. He also said an incredible word that the future God of earth protection would be born in China. Everyone was curious about this Is law right or wrong?

Where is the future Earth God?

With the current science and technology, human beings can not predict the future. Human beings are the most special creatures on the earth. At first, they are a fertilized egg. Through continuous development, they have limbs, brain and various organs of the body. Human consciousness comes from the cooperation of brain cells. It is obvious that brain cells cannot be transplanted from one person’s body to another. This Martian boy claims to be from Mars and transmits all kinds of information about Mars.

It has been shown that there is no global magnetic field on Mars. In other words, the solar wind can completely blow to the surface of Mars and take away its atmosphere. This period of time is not achieved overnight, and it needs to persist for a long time. If there is life on Mars, it means that there is a lot of carbon in the soil of Mars. However, human beings have been exploring for such a long time, and have not found carbon on Mars. Therefore, the possibility of civilization on Mars is quite small, and the future patron saint of the earth in China is not highly credible, even many people think it is nonsense.

At present, human beings are facing many disasters. These disasters have led to the arrival of the sixth mass extinction, such as the impact of asteroids, environmental pollution and so on. In the face of natural disasters, there is nothing we can do. How can we protect the earth by ourselves? So people don’t agree with what the Martian boy said. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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