The local orangutan was forced to dress up as “miserable tree” by accident!

The local orangutan was forced to dress up as “miserable tree” by accident!

The most terrible thing in the world is human nature. We think that we have a deep understanding of human nature, but each time we are refreshed, human nature is elusive, and the quality of human beings is only in one thought. In Indonesia, an orangutan once appeared and was caught by the local people. Then its tragic fate began. It was treated inhuman. It was hard to believe what happened to the orangutan. It is said that the local residents used the orangutan as a cash cow.

The most surprising thing is that business is booming, and this orangutan has helped the residents make a lot of money. Orangutans are close relatives of human beings, with a genetic similarity of 96.4%. It is famous for its long and loose red hair. It is mainly located in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is said that an orangutan can live for 45 years. The local orangutan was forced to dress up as “miserable tree” by accident!

This orangutan’s daily routine

The light of heart from care is the reason why such a species should have been on the earth, and was trained by accident. It was all trained to be red and hairy. It was made up of every day and perfumes it, and it perfused the three views. Local villagers use it to make money, and famous people come here enthusiastically, bringing sufficient sources of life to the residents. After a long time, the orangutan gradually gets used to the daily life style, and every time there are tourists playing, he will show his coquettishness, which is a moral degradation.

Local orangutan protection organizations heard the news and came to rescue the orangutan one after another. They tried many times but failed. Because of lack of legal awareness, local residents always regarded it as a cash cow, which was unreasonable. Later, with the efforts of protection organizations, they finally rescued the abused orangutan. Since it was rescued, it was brought to the garden for artificial rearing, so as to exercise its viability. No matter how much training, its wild survival ability is still poor, even unable to achieve self-sufficiency, and it is extremely difficult to find food.

What happened to the rescued orangutan?

After numerous failures, we can only continue artificial feeding until the day when it dies. Many wild animals lose their viability and have necessary contact with human beings. They also live on the earth and are members of nature. Because of the existence of these species, the earth becomes more colorful, the ecosystem is more stable and balanced, and human beings can be more prosperous I want to live. The tragic fate of this orangutan makes many people feel uncomfortable. This is the attitude of human beings towards wild animals.

They also have lives, and every life should be respected, rather than wantonly oppressing and killing them. None of the millions of species on earth, including humans, is special. Human beings are at most the higher animals in the animal world. Apart from having brains, there is no essential distinction between other animals. What do you think of this orangutan who has been subjected to inhuman treatment? You can leave a message for interaction.

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