The long lost bones of human body are now springing up. Is it evolution or degeneration?

The long lost bones of human body are now springing up. Is it evolution or degeneration?

As a higher intelligent life on earth, everyone is unique. However, the human body structure is basically the same. We often distinguish a person by his behavior, face or voice. Since the development of science and technology to a new stage, various means of transportation have emerged one after another, and the face of human life has undergone tremendous changes.

Many unrealistic fantasies have been gradually realized, but the ability of human beings is limited. There are many problems that can not be explained clearly. For example, where did the first life on earth come from and what is the origin of life? Even scientists can’t give exact answers to these questions. What we only know is that life on earth has been evolving from low level to high level. So far, Darwin’s theory of evolution is the most powerful theory. However, there are many loopholes in the theory of evolution, among which there are too many faults that human beings can’t explore. The long lost bones of human body are now springing up. Is it evolution or degeneration?

Many people combine modern science with Darwin’s theory of evolution. They think that the ancestors of human beings are ancient apes. After years of evolution, they have limbs and create life with their hands. All these can prove that human beings are constantly evolving. However, the latest scientific research shows that human beings are degenerating, causing many people’s deep thinking. So what’s the matter?

In the process of human evolution, in order to adapt to the environment, the function of the body has been forced to change. If we don’t use it for a long time, many functions will gradually disappear. While studying, scientists have found a big problem. The long lost bone in human body has reappeared. It’s Fabry bone. Now more and more animals have Fabry bone. This bone is very important to human beings. Once in the process of natural evolution, it disappeared, and now it appears again, which is unpredictable.

Nowadays, the number of people with faberi bone has increased significantly. It mainly grows in the knee. Scientists also try to find out the reason for the appearance of faberi bone, but they can’t get the most exact answer. Some scientists speculate that it may be caused by human activities. With the change of the environment and the improvement of living standards, people’s amount of exercise is gradually increasing. The appearance of fabeibone is to protect our knees and reduce the pressure on the knee joint. Maybe this is not a kind of degradation, but an evolution.

It is not harmful to human body, on the contrary, it has been protecting our body. A lot of people grow Fabry bone, but there is no other reaction. It can be seen that the appearance of Fabry bone is not harmful to the body. Is the appearance of Fabry bone evolutionary or degenerative? This is a question worth pondering. What do you think is the reason for the appearance of faberi bone? You can leave a message for interaction.

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