The lowest temperature of the universe is – 273 ℃, but the highest temperature is as high as 140 million degrees?

For us who always pay attention to the temperature, we can measure the highest temperature and the lowest temperature in a day. What about the temperature of the universe?

The universe is very large, so the temperature of the universe will vary due to different space positions. For example, the temperature of the sun’s surface is 6000 degrees centigrade, Pluto’s temperature reading is – 230 degrees centigrade, and Vega’s temperature reading is 10000 degrees centigrade. Temperature is everywhere.

What is the highest and lowest temperature of the universe?

In fact, the existence of temperature is closely related to the motion speed of micro particles. The more intense the motion of micro particles, the higher the temperature. The motion speed of micro particles cannot exceed the speed of light, so the temperature has an upper limit,

What is the upper limit?

The upper limit of temperature is called the Planck temperature, which is about 1.4 times 10 to the 32nd power K. Since the birth of the universe more than 10 billion years ago, there has been only one occurrence of Planck temperature.

It was at the beginning of the big bang, when the first Planck time came into being, the temperature was extremely high, estimated to be 140 million degrees.

Because at this moment, the radius of the universe is close to zero, the heat, pressure, density are close to infinity, but the volume is close to infinity, so there is such a high temperature.

What is the lower limit of the temperature of the universe?

When scientists study, they found that there is a relationship between the temperature and pressure of the gas, “the higher the temperature, the greater the pressure, and the lower the temperature, the smaller the pressure.”.

According to Charlie and geluzak’s theory, the lowest temperature in the universe should be – 273.15 ℃, which is the absolute temperature.

The pressure can not be negative. When the pressure is zero, the data is – 273.15 ℃. This data has been accurately calculated by later generations.

According to the principle of uncertainty, no particle can stop moving, so no matter can reach or lower than absolute zero, which is absolutely impossible and can only be infinitely close. So the lower limit of temperature is absolute temperature.

Do you think it’s beyond imagination after watching it?

Xiaobian thinks that the universe is boundless and time has no beginning or end. Human beings don’t know enough about the universe. For the upper and lower limits of the temperature of the universe, maybe it’s because human beings can’t find real matter, so they can only take these two numbers as the upper and lower limits. Maybe in the near future, there will be new discoveries and new calculations in the exploration of the universe.

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