The magical phenomenon of “telepathy” may be similar to quantum entanglement, which cannot be explained at present

Each creature has its own unique way of communication, through which creatures can understand each other’s life. As an advanced animal, human beings are more advanced in the way of communication. Human communication is basically in the form of language and words, which is also the special feature of intelligent life. If there are other intelligent civilizations in the universe, I believe they also have their own language and writing.

In addition to this way of direct communication with language and words, there is a particularly magical way of communication that can not be explained by existing science. It is telepathy. I believe many people have heard of telepathy. It really exists in this world. People often use the term “heart has soul” to describe the intimacy between two people.

Telepathy, a magical way of communication, has been confirmed by scientists. Especially in twins, it is more prone to telepathy. For example, if one of them is injured or in a bad mood, the other can sense the situation of the other. This is a very magical phenomenon, scientists can not explain, what is the principle of telepathy, and how it happened?

In fact, with the rapid development of modern quantum mechanics, scientists have also found a phenomenon similar to telepathy in quantum mechanics, which is called “quantum entanglement”, a physical phenomenon that scientists have not yet made clear the principle and can not explain. “Quantum entanglement” is a field that scientists strive to actively explore. Once human beings master the quantum correction technology, they can develop powerful quantum computer and quantum communication, which can directly promote human beings to a higher level, which is of great significance.

So what’s the relationship between telepathy and quantum entanglement? Quantum entanglement is the “super distance induction” between quantum. Einstein expressed his own view on this phenomenon: “quantum entanglement” is more like “ghost”. It can not be explained by the theory of relativity, but also exists objectively in the microcosm.

When two quanta interact with each other, “entanglement” will occur, and this entanglement state ignores space and distance. Put one quantum on the earth and the other on Mars, change the state of one quantum, and the other quantum will immediately change accordingly. The speed of ignoring distance is faster than the speed of light, which is of great significance to the future human space communication.

As we all know, the vast universe is based on light years, and the speed of light is only the basic speed unit. If the distance is short, there will be no problem with the ordinary speed of light communication technology. But if the speed of light communication is in the universe, it is a junk communication technology, because the speed is too slow to meet the needs of the exploration of the universe.

For example, in the future, our spacecraft will go to explore the biling galaxy, where there are major discoveries or major failures, and we need help from the earth. However, according to the speed of light, it will take more than four years for communication to reach the earth, and it will take another four years for the earth to retransmit the solution, and it will take at least eight years to come back.

We should all believe that time is life. If the spaceship encounters trouble in the deep space and fails to get a timely solution, it is basically over. So when we are about to receive the faulty communication from the biling galaxy, the day lily will also be cold, so in the interstellar voyage, we need the super light speed communication. Quantum rectification is a kind of superluminal phenomenon, which can ignore distance instant communication. Even if it is tens of light years away, it can also achieve fast communication without delay.

This is beyond the magic of quantum entanglement. What about telepathy? In fact, telepathy is very similar to quantum correction. Telepathy between two twins can also ignore distance and space. Although scientists have not tested telepathy between different planets, many tests on earth have found that there is no space or matter to interfere with telepathy.

We need medium for normal communication, and we can’t communicate without medium, but telepathy and quantum entanglement don’t need medium. Once scientists proposed a way to explore the interior of black holes, that is, through quantum entanglement. We all know that the black hole has a super phagocytic ability, even light can be swallowed, so the material into the black hole can no longer escape, we naturally can not know the real situation inside the black hole.

However, if we send a device composed of quantum into a black hole, the quantum inside the black hole will entangle with the quantum outside the black hole. Naturally, the quantum inside the black hole can clearly observe the real scene inside. At this time, through quantum entanglement induction, the important information will be transmitted, and the black hole can not stop the entanglement between the quantum.

So how does quantum entanglement happen? Scientists have yet to find the right answer. Quantum is the smallest part that human beings can observe in nature. Our human body is also made up of tiny basic particles. Maybe two people have been together for a long time, and the magnetic field emitted by the brain has a similar phenomenon of “quantum entanglement”, which will change because of each other’s changes. After all, quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon existing in the micro world, and it is not a mere creation Make.

Scientists speculate that the occurrence of quantum correction may be related to smaller particles. Although science now believes that quantum is the smallest unit in nature, it is only the cognition of human beings under the existing science and technology. Scientists believe that there are still smaller units under quantum, which can’t be found with the existing technology. The occurrence of quantum entanglement may be due to the action of smaller particles outside the quantum.

This particle allows quantum to interact with each other, and this smaller mysterious particle, scientists speculate, may be the dark matter and dark energy that we have been exploring. We all know that the main matter in the universe is actually dark matter and dark energy, which account for more than 90% of the matter in the whole universe. It can be seen that dark matter and dark energy exist in every corner of the universe. They exist in the dark just like ghosts and affect the operation of the world.

If we want to really solve the mystery of quantum entanglement, we may need to uncover the mystery of dark matter. The telepathy between people may be the same. There is some “entanglement” between our quantum and each other’s quantum. The relationship between twins must be closer, and the possibility of quantum entanglement is higher. Therefore, there are many “telepathy” things between brothers.

Whether it’s quantum correction or telepathy, they have too many similarities. To uncover any mystery, we need to really understand the principle of quantum entanglement. And quantum correction is only a phenomenon in quantum mechanics, there are more phenomena waiting for us to discover and explore, so we can see how great a science quantum mechanics is.

Perhaps when mankind has fully revealed all the mysteries of quantum mechanics in the future, mankind will really step into the palace of the powerful in the universe. At that time, human civilization may be able to become the top civilization in the universe. From this, we can see that it is not easy for quantum mechanics to be completely solved. It takes us a long time and more efforts.

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