The main culprit of dinosaur extinction is still on the earth, which has posed a threat to human beings

As we all know, there was a meteorite with a size similar to Manhattan that passed through the earth’s atmosphere. In the process of falling at a high speed, it wrapped in a flame and hit the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico today, causing a 3200 meter huge crater.

The disaster caused 75% of the species on earth to disappear, and the earth fell into a hellish scene. Most experts and scholars also affirmed that the impact of meteorites led to the extinction of dinosaurs, a species that dominated the earth for 160 million years. However, there are also some voices expressing doubts and proposing that the “killer” who really made dinosaurs extinct still exists.

Let’s look back to 65 million years ago, 72 hours after the meteorite hit the earth. All things on the earth turn into scorched earth in the scorching fire. The sky is covered with dark clouds and the temperature drops suddenly. Dinosaurs who escaped the catastrophe gradually appear on the surface and begin to look for new habitats. Archaeologist Kenneth MacLeod once pointed out in the Research Report: we have reason to believe that some dinosaurs survived after the “sky catastrophe”, and they used their huge body and thick subcutaneous fat to spend that hard time, because they may be too far away from the incident. Therefore, we speculate that the real killer of dinosaurs is not meteorite, but plant variation after global warming.

The findings of the scientific community are not groundless. After the extreme combustion of the earth’s organisms, the concentration of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide increased sharply, and the earth became a huge greenhouse. After the end of the long ice age, global warming became the theme of the world at that time. With the change of oxygen concentration, the cells of animals and plants began to mutate. The gradually changing environment forced the surviving ancient beasts to change, and the size gradually showed. But the real problem is that the new species of plants are not suitable for the herbivorous dinosaurs at the low end of the food chain. Gradually, the low end of the food chain disintegrated, and the dinosaurs really died out in the sea of flowers. Therefore, the real “killer” is the greenhouse effect and its derivative phenomenon.

Scientists have also done research on this. They have tested the Jurassic fish bones unearthed in Tunisia and found that the oxygen content in the bones is significantly less than that in the bones unearthed after the ice age. The reason is very simple. The quality of oxygen has changed. Lighter oxygen is easy to mineralize, while heavier oxygen is easy to be absorbed by organisms. This is also the real reason for biological variation. American meteorologist David beerling also wrote in his note: after the hicksurub impact, the study of marine sediments showed the certainty of global warming during that period. It took nearly 100000 years for the earth to clean up, and dinosaurs, a huge creature, were completely eliminated in biological evolution.

It can be seen that the real extinction of dinosaurs is not the impact of meteorites, but the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide enrichment. In recent years, the greenhouse effect is also perplexing mankind, and the “killer” of the extinction of dinosaurs is gradually approaching mankind. What’s your opinion on this article? Welcome to leave a message and say what you think!

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