The man took a picture of the suspected “heavenly palace” in the air. Is Maya’s prophecy coming true?

In the eyes of many Atheists, gods are just images in stories and legends, but they don’t exist in reality. Although human science and technology have been booming, there are still many mysteries waiting for human to solve. Some time ago, a netizen took such a picture. There is a strange phenomenon in the blue sky. Many conspiracy theorists think that this may be the evidence of the existence of gods. Even scientists can’t explain it after seeing it. Does God really exist?

“Heavenly palace” appeared?

The netizen was taking a nap that day. The sky outside was sunny and windy. When he woke up, he was ready to make a cup of coffee and go to the balcony to enjoy the beautiful scenery. At this time, a strange phenomenon appeared in the sky. A majestic high-rise building appeared in the bright sky. At first, he thought he might be dazzled. When he put on his glasses, he found that there was something strange in the sky. He quickly picked up his mobile phone to shoot. When he looked at the photos, he found that there was a “heavenly palace” in the sky. The structure was clear and magnificent. He thought he would not see the legendary heaven. Did the immortals really live in the sky?

In order to get professional answers, he posted the photo on the social network, which caused thousands of times of forwarding and comments. Netizens praised it one after another, and some netizens joked. Isn’t the building in the photo the legendary heaven? There are netizens have to follow the post, he also saw the same building, for a time, this event caused a hot discussion on the Internet. There are also many netizens have to leave messages to professionals, hoping to unlock the secret of this photo.

After professionals see this picture, they first exclude the traces of synthesis. This picture is real, but why do such buildings appear in the sky? Scientists are also hard to explain. When we turn on the Internet, we can see many such phenomena. Some people think that this is caused by mirage. But generally speaking, it is still the image of mirage. The archetype can be found on the earth. However, this palace in the sky seems to have no archetype on the earth. What’s the matter?

After seeing this, some people also put forward a bold idea that mirage is a normal natural phenomenon. Behind the photo taken by the man, there seems to be a bigger secret. Some people think that the appearance of this tall building alone is not a good omen. They think that the end of the world predicted by the Mayans may be coming, and this building is likely to be the precursor of the end of the world . If you look carefully, this building is too majestic, as if it is going to press down the sky. This is just our guess. Although scientists have no final conclusion, they also put forward a view that this picture may be related to the parallel world.

Does parallel world exist?

Although human beings have not found parallel universe, in the eyes of many scientists, parallel universe is real. Scientists have done such an experiment in Antarctica. They set off a weather balloon over Antarctica. This weather balloon can accept cosmic particles. Generally speaking, cosmic particles are transmitted from the universe to the earth, and in this experiment, they are able to send cosmic particles However, scientists have detected particles passing from the earth to the universe, so scientists speculate that there is another world deep in the earth?

If the parallel universe really exists, then the phenomenon of mirage can be explained. In addition to the photos taken by this man, there have been unexplained mirages in history. In 1954, the Viking tribes thousands of years ago appeared over the Aegean Sea. These Vikings were magnificent with sharp weapons. Why did ancient people appear in the sky of the real world? Scientists think that maybe in parallel space, the Vikings are leading the army to fight. At a certain moment, space and time are distorted. The scene thousands of years ago appeared in the real world. These unsolved mysteries have disappeared in the long river of history, and we have no way to study them. What do you think? Is the Mayan prophecy about to come true?

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