The manuscript is Einstein’s whole life’s painstaking effort. Why was it destroyed on his deathbed? Or about these two points!

Einstein “destroyed” the manuscript during his lifetime, which is his lifelong effort. What is he hiding?

The development of human civilization is inseparable from the contribution of scientists. In history, countless outstanding scientists have sprung up. They have spent their whole lives in the laboratory almost every day, developed many inventions and made many comments, which have benefited future generations. Without them, perhaps human civilization would have been stagnant.

Among many scientists, Einstein is well known. He is known as the genius among the geniuses. His intelligence quotient is extraordinary. His first impression is very sloppy, messy chicken nest head, and wearing slippers. His image is not good, but he can’t be taken out of context. He has left many precious wealth for future generations. Modern scientific research is based on Einstein’s theory. This gifted scientist makes some incomprehensible behaviors in his later years. These behaviors are elusive, just like a madman. We search Einstein on Baidu, mostly the upper body, rarely see the whole body photo, his expression is more serious. Einstein “destroyed” the manuscript during his lifetime, which is his lifelong effort. What is he hiding?

Einstein’s unusual habits

Someone once disclosed a full body photo of him. The most unexpected thing is that Einstein in the photo is wearing women’s shoes. As a man, he is wearing women’s sandals, which is totally inconsistent with his identity. Many people have a question: why does he like to wear women’s shoes? He had to ask himself. Another behavior is incredible. He even destroyed the manuscripts of his life before he died. These manuscripts were written by him with all his heart and soul to record his life’s research. It is reasonable to say that this manuscript will be collected by the museum until now, which is very precious. So why tear them up?

There is an unspeakable secret in it, and his behavior aroused the imagination of later generations. The nuclear weapons we are afraid of are put forward by Einstein. The contents in the record may have a lot to do with nuclear weapons. The power of nuclear weapons is unusual. A small atomic bomb can blow up the whole country and even destroy the earth. If this manuscript is obtained by someone with a wrong mind, it will be completely over.

Why Einstein destroyed the manuscript

Einstein yearned for peace all his life. The appearance of nuclear weapons scared him and made him feel guilty. At that time, he found that combining gravity with other forces, the power of explosion was unbearable. It was really terrible. Therefore, Einstein’s destruction manuscript has been circulating in the industry for fear that nuclear weapons would flow out and be used by some people to launch war in the military field and communicate with others His original intention is totally contrary. In order to ensure the safety of the people, he can only destroy his whole life’s hard work.

Some people speculate that he was influenced by theology in his later years. Because these views were not confirmed and there was no meaning of existence, he destroyed the manuscript. As for the reason behind it, maybe only Einstein himself knows. His anti human operation is more like a madman, but it is undeniable that he has made contributions to the scientific community. What do you think Einstein did this for? You can leave a message for interaction.

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