The Martian boy is called Sphinx. Behind his ears lies the secret of prehistoric civilization

I believe you have read the book “the mystery of the world” since you were very young. It is a window for us to understand the world, and it brings us a lot of exotic customs. Things like Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge and Egyptian pyramids are full of mystery in our childhood.

In fact, the so-called “mystery of the world” is nothing but conspiracy theory. Its content originated from the United States in the 1960s. Although it has been translated into countless languages and reprinted countless times, its content is still the “old three”.

Moreover, most of these so-called “unsolved mysteries” are fake. There is no magic word from the Pharaons in the pyramids of Egypt. Stonehenge is only an observatory of the ancient people, and the Bermuda Triangle has always been a quiet tourist attraction.

Although most of this mystery is false, there are some different things in Sphinx. As we all know, the Sphinx is a statue of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs to show their power and status. These statues are common in ancient Egyptian mythology, Western Asian mythology and ancient Greek mythology – Sphinx.

According to Greek mythology, this sphinx has three images, one is the Sphinx with a sheep’s head, one is the Sphinx with an eagle’s head, and the other is the Sphinx with a human face. It is said that it stands on the cliff and asks a classic riddle to passers-by. “Which animal walks on four legs in the morning, two at noon and three at night?” If there is no answer, it will be eaten, and the evil god will be killed by Oedipus.

But in ancient Egyptian mythology, the Sphinx not only did not eat people, but represented kindness and nobility, which is why the Pharaoh shaped himself like this.

The mystery of the sphinx has always been a mystery. For example, its construction technology is still unimaginable, and it was built in ancient Egypt, but scholars found that its completion time was earlier than that of ancient Egypt! The first one can be traced back to 10000 B.C. It’s strange that at that time, human beings had not entered the era of civilization, how could they build such a huge building?

Later, a Russian boy named poliska gave the mystery a reasonable possibility. When he was a child, he was a little different from others. He could speak four months after birth and read books when he was one year old. What’s more strange is that since poliska learned to speak, he has claimed to be a reincarnated spirit child of Martians. At that time, the parents thought the child was bewitched, but there was no problem when they sent him to the hospital for examination.

At the same time, poliska was able to clearly describe how it got to earth. It mentioned the structure of spacecraft and Martian. The important thing is, he mentioned the Sphinx! According to him, the Sphinx is a product of prehistoric civilization. At that time, there was human civilization on the earth, but it is not exactly the same as today’s civilization.

At that time, the human civilization on earth was known as the Lemurian civilization, and the average height of human beings was about 9 meters. They have more advanced technology than Martians. When poliska came to the earth to communicate with them on behalf of Martians, who knew that one day, a flood occurred on the earth and destroyed the entire remlia civilization.

Poliska claimed that the Sphinx was made in remlia, and they also buried the highly developed technology and knowledge in it. If all this happens again, it will bring great impact and change to the existing technology!

When asked how the Sphinx got in, Polska said frankly that there is a mysterious mechanism behind the Sphinx’s ear. As long as it can be opened, you can get in. With this doubt, the archaeological team conducted a field investigation, and found the mysterious organ behind the ear, but no one could open it. When asked afterwards about the way pollisley opened it, he did not answer.

In fact, at that meeting in 1987, a Japanese professor named Yoshimura zuozhi led a team to scan the Sphinx in all directions and found that there were indeed two huge spaces under it. Applications for these excavations have been submitted to the Egyptian government, but they have been rejected for religious reasons. So far, no one has separated the excavator from the mechanism behind the Sphinx’s ear.

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