The massive black hole in the center of the galaxy is waking up. Will it affect the survival of human beings?

There are countless galaxies in the vast universe, and each galaxy is composed of a large number of celestial bodies. Although the number of celestial bodies in the universe is too large to be counted, there are not many kinds of celestial bodies, such as stars and planets.

Stars are one of the earliest celestial bodies in the universe. They can generate light and heat, bringing some light and warmth to the universe. Of course, the role of stars is far more than just lighting and heating, it also plays an important role in the refining factory of the universe.

How did hydrogen evolve into other heavy elements? At this time, the important role of stars is on the stage. Through internal nuclear fusion, it constantly evolves hydrogen into heavier elements such as oxygen and iron. The life of a star is limited. The larger the mass is, the shorter the life is. When the star comes to an end, its interior collapses and its exterior expands, so supernova explosion occurs.

The explosion of stars at the end of life can not only evolve more important cosmic elements, but also transform into other special celestial bodies, such as white dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes. For white dwarfs and neutron stars, we can observe more details through astronomical telescopes, but we know very little about black holes, which are extremely powerful celestial bodies.

The powerful gravity of black holes can not only engulf stars, planets and other celestial bodies, but also allow photons to go in and out at the speed of light. As long as the photon enters the horizon of the black hole, it will not come out again, but will be swallowed by the black hole. It is precisely because of the powerful phagocytic ability of the black hole that our telescope cannot observe the true face of this kind of celestial body.

Although the powerful phagocytic power of the black hole makes it swallow everything and become the most domineering celestial body in the universe, this kind of domineering exposure to a certain extent will form the event horizon and expose its existence. When a black hole devours stars and other materials, it will form an accretion disk around itself. The dust debris inside the accretion disk constantly rubs and produces strong energy radiation.

The energy radiation of accretion disk will diffuse into the space, so we hope to see that as long as we find the huge energy radiation emitted by this accretion disk, we can be sure that there is a massive black hole there. The number of black holes in the universe is also too many to be counted. There is a supermassive black hole in the center of every large galaxy like the Milky way.

The gravity of supermassive black hole is too strong, where it exists, it will gradually form a huge galaxy structure. The Milky way, Andromeda and other large galaxies are all born because there is a massive black hole in the center. And the black hole in the center has become the key to maintain the stability of the whole galaxy. Under its strong gravity, the stellar system in the whole galaxy can keep stable operation.

In fact, the role of massive black holes is similar to that of stars. There are stars and suns in the solar system, and eight planets around it form a stable solar system. As long as the sun doesn’t change greatly, the whole solar system will not collapse and can run steadily.

The same is true of the Milky way. All stellar systems have to move around the silver center, which is actually around this supermassive black hole. As long as the black hole does not have a big situation, then there will be no big trouble in the galaxy, and the solar system will be able to continue to exist. However, there is no absolute thing in the world, and the life of the sun is limited. After 5 billion years, the sun will expand and supernova will explode, and the whole solar system will usher in chaos and turbulence.

The expansion of the sun will devour the earth. Even if we can move the earth’s orbit outward, the whole solar system is in chaos. If the earth wants to survive, it has to leave the solar system. This is the terrible consequence of the end of the solar life for the entire solar system.

There will be chaos in the stellar system because of the great changes of the stars, so will there be great chaos and changes in the galaxy because of the big situation of the black hole in the center? The answer is yes. Some people may say that the black hole at the center of the galaxy has always been very calm and there will be no big changes. This kind of worry is totally unnecessary. Is this really the case?

Black holes are relatively fierce. I believe we all know that supermassive black holes, in particular, are very grumpy. However, this massive black hole in the center of the Milky Way galaxy is 26000 light-years away from the solar system, and its mass is 4 million times that of the sun. Such a powerful black hole seems to be a little gentle. You should know that with the powerful phagocytic ability of a massive black hole, its accretion disk is extremely bright. Even if it is tens of millions of light-years apart, we can observe it.

The distance between the silver center and us is only 26000 light-years. As long as the black hole in the silver center is stronger, we can easily get more data about black holes. Unfortunately, in the past, this black hole was too quiet. Although there was an accretion disk, it was not bright, and we knew little about it.

It’s because it’s too quiet and inactive, so the first picture of a black hole is not it, but a supermassive black hole 55 million light-years away with a mass about 6.5 billion times that of the sun. So far away a black hole, because it is too active, accretion disk release energy is very strong, so, we also successfully photographed it.

Of course, from the perspective of human survival, we do not want to have a bad tempered, too active black hole in the heart of silver. On the contrary, it is a quiet and gentle black hole. We only need to provide strong gravity, which is our better choice. So, we should be glad that the black hole at the center of the galaxy is a gentle girl.

However, no matter how gentle the child is, there will be changes. The black hole in the center of the galaxy will be in a state of emergency. According to the latest observation data of astronomers, the black hole at the center of the silver has begun to wake up, and its huge phagocytic power is more than three times that of before, which is not good news.

The revival of the Galactic black hole is not good news for the galaxy, but more people are concerned about whether it will affect the survival of human beings? Some people may think that this black hole is 26000 light-years away from us, which is very far away from us. After it wakes up, it will not have much impact on the solar system and the earth. Is that really the case?

We need to understand that behind all the order of the universe is gravity. The black hole is undoubtedly the overlord of gravitational objects, its phagocytic power is so strong that the universe is afraid. At the beginning of its awakening, the phagocytic power of the silver core black hole has increased three times. No one can be sure whether its awakening is temporary or will be strong.

If its phagocytic power continues to increase and finally becomes a fully active massive black hole, it will first devour a large number of stars around the galactic center. We should know that more than half of the stars in the whole galaxy are concentrated near the galactic center. Once these stars are engulfed by black holes, the galactic structure of the Milky way will inevitably be in chaos.

Although the solar system is 26000 light-years away from the galactic center, it is a relatively remote location. However, the whole galactic system is in chaos, and the solar system is hard to be alone. The most serious consequence predicted by scientists is that the whole silver system may be completely engulfed by this black hole and become a hole in the universe.

You know, through a large number of star observations, scientists found that there are many holes in the universe, some of which can reach hundreds of millions of light-years in diameter. How are these holes formed? Scientists speculate that it may be caused by the continuous phagocytosis and fusion of black holes.

If the solar system can not be alone, there will be a huge disaster, then the earth will not be spared. On that day, the only way for mankind is to leave the galaxy and go to other galaxies to survive. Of course, to achieve this goal, we need to master space tracking or wormhole technology. Otherwise, we can’t leave the galaxy.

Of course, at present, scientists have only observed the revival of the silver core black hole, and found that its phagocytic power has increased more than three times. As for whether it will continue to become active in the future, there is no conclusion at present. Only through continuous observation and data collection can we know how it will evolve and develop in the later stage.

Even if the trend of the silver core black hole becoming stronger cannot be changed, we need not worry too much. This is a very long time, which may be millions of years, tens of millions of years or even hundreds of millions of years. In such a long time, with the development speed of human science and technology, we may have already become a powerful interstellar civilization. At that time, human beings will not only cross the galaxy, but also have us in other large galaxies. Even if the Milky way is unable to survive a major disaster, we can give up the Milky way and move to other galaxies.

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