The Maya civilization suddenly disappeared, leaving many sites that are ahead of modern technology!

The mysterious Maya civilization has left too many famous sites for scientists to explain!

Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years and have a deep-rooted history. They have the most unique organ, the brain. It is the brain that distinguishes human beings from animals. Although human civilization has made great progress and development, scientists are still unable to determine the real time of human birth. Darwin’s theory of evolution only states that human beings evolved from apes, but it doesn’t show how long the real birth time of human beings is.

Human civilization has also developed for some time, and there are many branches. Some branches have been developing, and some branches have disappeared in the long history. Before human beings, there were many kinds of civilizations in history, which had a long history. Many people have forgotten that one of the most mysterious civilizations is the Maya civilization. It was born in 1500 BC. So far, there are still many sites left by the Maya on the earth. These sites are full of mystery, which adds a layer of mystery to the Maya civilization. The mysterious Maya civilization has left too many famous sites for scientists to explain!

Since its birth, the Mayan civilization has a history of 3500 years. The main reason why it is special is that the living environment and writing technology of the Mayan people are very special. So what is special about it? Experts found the artifacts left by the Mayan civilization. After understanding, they found that these artifacts could not even be copied by today’s science and technology. For example, the Mayan Pyramid is very different from the Egyptian pyramid. The top of the pyramid is flat and highly similar to the temple. It is mainly used for sacrifice.

Through careful observation, experts found traces of lime residue on the surface of the pyramid. Maybe the Mayans painted the surface of the lime red at that time. At that time, this idea was very advanced, and even modern science is difficult to explain clearly. In the eighth century, it was the most glorious stage of Maya civilization. At that time, its civilization had reached its peak, and no nation could reach such a level.

In Maya’s cognition, there are 18 months in a year, 20 days in a month, and 5 taboo days, which add up to 365 days. Today, it’s 365 days a year. It can be seen that its legislation is extremely accurate. The buildings built by the Maya people with their hands have very significant characteristics. The Maya pyramids are stacked up one layer after another, and the interval between each layer is 52 years. After more than 2000 years of history, there are many creations left behind.

Such a brilliant civilization, but suddenly disappeared on the earth, which is puzzling. If the Maya civilization was still on the earth, perhaps there would have been no human civilization for a long time. They have advanced technology and accurate prediction, which is beyond the reach of human civilization. What do you know about Maya civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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