The mermaid? Is the “Little Mermaid” found in Cuba true?

I believe many people have heard of the legend of the mermaid. In our cognition, the mermaid is a fabricated image. Since the 1930s, more and more people have claimed to have seen the mermaid, and some people have seen unknown underwater creatures. At that time, these discoveries caused a stir and aroused the attention of the whole world.

Little Cuban Mermaid

In 1965, a small Mermaid appeared in the waters of Cuba. At that time, the news media reported that the little mermaid was not only similar to human shape, but also able to communicate with people. The little mermaid claimed to be from Atlantis. It is said that the little mermaid was finally taken to the research base, and there was no news from then on. Many people feel strange after hearing such things. Isn’t this really the plot of a science fiction movie? If the little mermaid really appeared, its companion would appear in the vast ocean. Until now, people have never found any more. Can’t that explain the problem?

It happened in the last century. The level of human science and technology is very limited, and the information received is also very one-sided. Therefore, the authenticity of this news report remains to be discussed. But scientists have indeed found unidentified creatures in the ocean. Previously, when scientists explored the ocean, they also found humanoid creatures. Their whole body is silvery white, and they drive fast in the water, fleeting.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the ocean is the bane of mankind. Until now, we have not been able to conquer the ocean, and to some extent, we have become the umbrella of alien civilization. Therefore, aliens are likely to set up bases on the seabed. These strange creatures may be aliens. Although many people believe that extraterrestrial life exists, it is disappointing that no one has actually seen aliens. The video materials circulated on the Internet are very vague, which is not enough for the following conclusion.

Do mermaids really exist?

In the process of human exploration of science, what we can do is really limited. Even if we stand at the top of the food chain and become the ultimate winner, there are still many puzzles bothering us. Just like the familiar image of fairy tales, whether it was imagined by the ancients or actually existed, there are new controversies on these issues.

Scientists believe that if the mermaid really appeared, it is likely to be a marine life, its name is dugong. Perhaps the ancients accidentally recognized the mermaid when they saw the cleavage, so the legend about the mermaid has been handed down to this day. There is no end to science. What we find is just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe there are some unknown creatures at the bottom of the ocean. Only in the future can we know more. What do you think?

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