The meteorite that fell into Qinghai weighs 430 tons. It’s so valuable. Can we go to Qinghai to pick up meteorite?

It is not absolutely safe for human beings to live on the earth. Some time ago, a bright fireball appeared over Yushu, Qinghai Province, China. The fireball fell rapidly from the sky, leaving a bright light in the air. Although many people speculate that this fireball may be a masterpiece of aliens, in the view of scientists, this fireball is actually a fireball. According to their research results, this fireball has a diameter of 6.5 meters and weighs 430 tons.

In many people’s cognition, meteorite falling to the earth will bring disaster to human beings, which is true. In the area where the meteorite falls, the ecological environment will be changed, the vegetation in the falling area will also be affected, and a large amount of dust will appear in the sky. Once inhaled, the health of respiratory system will be affected. But in the eyes of some meteorite hunters, meteorite fall actually represents money and business opportunities. Many meteorite hunters have focused on the fireball in Yushu, Qinghai. How much is the fireball worth?

The value of meteorite

There is a thick atmosphere over the earth. Many small meteorites are rubbed and disintegrated in the atmosphere before they fall to the earth. Even if some large meteorites pass through the atmosphere, most of them fall into the ocean. Even if these large meteorites fall to the ground, most of them are in inaccessible places, so few people can find precious meteorites. The value of meteorites is also very high. As an alien, if we can find complete and fresh meteorites, it can help scientists better explore the solar system.

Since the 1990s, meteorite hunters have appeared in Europe, the United States and other countries. These meteorite hunters aim to find meteorites and also serve scientific research institutions, which undoubtedly has led to the upsurge of folk meteorite collection. Because of the peculiar shape of meteorite, it has great ornamental value. One gram of meteorite is worth 100000 yuan. According to the information, there is a 2750g heibaolv meteorite in China, which was brought into the arms of a collector in Beijing, and the transaction price is as high as 40 million.

Can we go to Qinghai to pick up meteorites?

After seeing such an example, many people are also rubbing their hands, hoping to go to Yushu in Qinghai to pick up a meteorite. Is it easy to pick up the meteorite that fell from Qinghai? First of all, we need to understand that Yushu, Qinghai Province, is located on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. The temperature is very cold and the terrain is very dangerous. Because this area is inaccessible, so many days later, no one knows where the meteorite fell.

Therefore, we should not be blinded by the immediate interests. Money is not worth mentioning in the face of life. If life is gone, what’s the use of money? Meteorites play an important role in the study of the solar system and the universe. No matter when, they should not be buried in private hands. I don’t know what people think?

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