The methane leakage from the bottom of Antarctica brings about the earth problem one after another. How can human beings save it?

Bad news from Antarctica, methane leaking from the sea floor, global warming may become normal!

Global warming is now the most serious problem, not only is destroying the earth, but also affects hundreds of millions of people. The emergence of it is not achieved overnight, experts summed up the real reason behind, nothing more than human wantonly emissions of greenhouse gases, long-term past make the global temperature higher and higher, and finally to the point of uncontrollable. When it comes to greenhouse gases, our first reaction is carbon dioxide.

The impact of carbon dioxide on the earth’s environment

When a person breathes, he will absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. The main reason for afforestation is to absorb carbon dioxide. However, due to the wanton deforestation of human beings, the carbon dioxide can not be eliminated, so it will rise into the air and have a chemical reaction with the atmosphere. According to relevant data, different greenhouse gases have different effects on the earth. The higher the value is, the stronger the warming ability is. Among many gases, carbon dioxide is not ranked as high as other greenhouse gases, but human beings point all the evils at it. Why on earth? Bad news from Antarctica, methane leaking from the sea floor, global warming may become normal!

It can be imagined that compared with other greenhouse gases, the composition of carbon dioxide in the air is higher and the concentration is also higher. Other greenhouse gases can be ignored, and often many people directly ignore them. Among the many greenhouse gases, another one has a far-reaching impact, that is methane. The concentration of methane is very high, and there is a lot of methane under the crust. This makes people think of the melting of Arctic frozen soil, which not only produces a large number of ancient biological remains, but also releases toxic methane gas, prompting the Arctic to break through the highest temperature of 38 degrees in history.

Methane leakage from the bottom of Antarctica

In addition to the Arctic Circle, the frequency of methane release under the Antarctic ice sheet is also increasing. At present, experts are trying to solve this problem. Recently, there is another big bad news coming out of Antarctica. Scientists have discovered the active leakage of methane from the seabed. What’s the matter? Some researchers found a methane leak 30 feet below the sea floor, which was discovered by divers in 2011. Due to the limitations of science and technology, it was not officially launched.

This active leak is not affected by global warming. Maybe there is another reason. It comes from the bottom of the sea, which is completely different from the previous form. In the past, greenhouse gases were all forced to release. This time, they came on their own initiative. Scientists have not found out the cause. There is no similar phenomenon for reference. Some people speculate that there will be a huge microbial community near the methane leakage site?

Research shows that although there are microorganisms in this area, they are rare and can’t consume the methane here. If they leak out from the bottom of the sea, the environment of the earth will become worse. Methane, which you think is a small amount, is actually found all over the country. If we can’t effectively control the release of methane, the earth may become a big steamer in the future. What actions do you think will be taken? You can leave a message for interaction.

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