The moon is also a planet in the habitable zone. Why is there no life? It’s missing these!

In the past thousands of years, it has been worshipped as a God by human beings, and has inspired countless generations of thinking that it is the moon. However, at 150 million kilometers away from the core of our solar system, the moon and the earth, two insignificant celestial bodies, have their own particularities.

On that blue planet, there is a “scenery” which is hard to have on other celestial bodies, that is life. The earth is the only planet with life in the known universe. It is located in the habitable zone of the solar system. In the long history of 4.6 billion years of earth evolution, life has been born for at least 3 billion years, while the moon, which is only 380000 km away from the earth, is desolate.

Why is there such a huge difference between two objects so close apart?

If the moon is also in the habitable zone of the solar system and is so close to the earth, why is there no life on the moon? If a celestial body wants to give birth to life, the most important condition is its own position in the universe. There will be a habitable zone in each star system. In this habitable zone, the celestial body can obtain the appropriate strength, so as to maintain in a very suitable temperature range for life, so that water can exist in the form of liquid.

At the same time, in the livable zone, there should be a relatively peaceful space, without the threat of a large number of small celestial bodies, so that life on this celestial body can obtain a relatively stable and safe living environment. For example, our earth is not only in the habitable zone, but also protected by Jupiter and the earth. At the same time, there are not many threatening asteroids hitting the earth, so there are many celestial bodies in the habitable zone in the whole universe, but this does not mean that they all have life.

In addition to location, the celestial body that wants to have life must also have an atmosphere. According to the needs of carbon based life on the earth, the atmosphere must have oxygen, and the oxygen content should not be too much or too little, otherwise it is not suitable for life reproduction and survival.

At the same time, the atmosphere also needs to be able to form an appropriate greenhouse effect, to ensure that the temperature will not be too low at night, but also to block sunlight during the day, so that the temperature will not rise too high. Of course, the existence of life also has strict requirements for the mass and volume of this celestial body.

If the mass is too large or too small, the gravitational effect is not conducive to the birth and development of life. At the same time, this celestial body also needs the protection of magnetic field. The biggest difference between our earth and Mars is that the earth has the protection of magnetic field, which can keep the earth’s atmosphere stable and block the irradiation of lethal cosmic rays.

However, the most important thing is the existence of liquid water. Our earth’s life originated from the ocean, and it has spent a long evolutionary history in the ocean. Therefore, from these aspects, the moon has no atmosphere, no water, and its magnetic field is very weak. Although it is in the habitable zone of the solar system like the earth, its own conditions are very poor It can’t form the living environment of life.

The birth of life is an extremely complicated and coincidental process. Although life is extremely difficult to exist, there are countless celestial bodies in the whole universe. We believe that in some corners of the universe, like the earth, there are also a group of life living there, which is also a world full of vitality. However, limited by the vastness of the universe, we may never meet.

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