The moon is rich in resources. It is a huge treasure house and may be an important collection point for human beings in the future

Recently, chang’e-5 completed lunar sampling and successfully returned to earth, which has become a hot spot in the aerospace industry. In recent years, the topic of exploring the moon has been mentioned by people, and the moon has become the focus of our attention.

The moon is the only natural satellite of the earth. Since ancient times, people have a different feeling for the moon. In ancient times, there were many hymns about the moon, and there were many myths and legends about the moon. The reason why the moon plays an extraordinary role in human heart is that it is not only the brightest celestial body that we can see at night, but more importantly, it brings a lot of brilliance to the dark night.

As we all know, in ancient times, there were no street lamps and other lighting facilities, so it was very dangerous for people to travel at night. But with the moon, especially the full moon, the night is relatively bright, so it is much safer for people to walk at night. Therefore, the position of the moon in the hearts of the ancients was very high, even higher than the sun.

Of course, the ancients didn’t know that the moon was actually a small satellite of the earth. It was only after mankind entered the era of science and technology that we initially saw the true face of the moon with the help of astronomical telescopes. It’s not beautiful. Its surface is full of craters and craters. It’s a very desolate planet.

If we want to know more about the moon, we still need to go to it for close observation. In 1969, Apollo 11 realized the manned landing on the moon, and the human foot stepped on the surface of the moon for the first time, completing an epoch-making feat. Although in the following half century, human beings never set foot on the moon again, our probe has never given up the continuous exploration of the moon.

Through the continuous exploration of the moon, we have a lot of knowledge of the moon, and to really understand the moon, we must first know its origin. How did the moon come? There have been many speculations about the origin of the moon, and even scholars of alien civilization believe that the moon may be a spaceship of alien civilization, which was put on the lunar orbit to monitor the earth and human beings.

Of course, there is no real evidence for the conjecture that the moon is an alien civilization ship. Through the study of the lunar soil and rocks, scientists found that the material composition on it is very similar to that of the earth. Therefore, some people think that the moon may have been a part of the earth, formed by fragments stripped from the earth.

So the origin of the moon has the impact theory, and this view has been supported by more and more scientists. Scientists once thought that the moon was so desolate that the resources on it should be very poor, but later continuous exploration tells us that this view is wrong. The moon is not barren. On the contrary, it is rich in resources.

The chemical composition of the moon is very similar to that of the earth, but there are some differences. Most of the metal resources on the earth are on the moon. On the other hand, some of the materials on the moon, which are rich in resources, are very rare on the earth. For example, helium-3 is only a few tons on the earth, while there are at least millions of tons on the moon.

Helium-3 is a perfect nuclear fusion fuel. In the future, mankind will enter the era of nuclear fusion. At that time, the demand for helium-3 is very large. This helium-3 resource on the earth can only allow us to carry out laboratory research and exploration, but it cannot be applied on a large scale. Therefore, an important goal of human exploration of the moon is the rich helium-3 resources on it.

How did such a rich moon come about? Scientists put forward the impact theory, that in the early solar system, chaotic solar system impact events often occur. A planet the size of mars hit the earth, and the debris created by gravity formed the moon. In other words, the moon is a combination of the two debris, so in this impact event, who produced more debris? Is it the size of Mars or the earth?

This is very important for us to understand the resources of the moon. With the continuous improvement of science and technology, scientists found that the content of metal minerals in the plains of the moon is very rare, and in the plateau of the moon, the metal abundance even exceeds many strata of the earth.

This huge difference puzzles scientists. In theory, before the collision, the earth had completely differentiated its core, mantle and crust, and the moon was just the product of debris cloud accumulation. Therefore, the metal content of the moon is expected to be poor and should not be so rich.

In this regard, scientists speculated that at the time of the big collision, the earth was not damaged by the sun, and the protoplanet might have been completely smashed, most of the debris and a small amount of earth debris formed the moon. And that planet might also be a very metal rich planet.

This is also a good proof of why the helium-3 resources on the moon are so abundant. It may not come from the earth, but from the primitive planet. If this conjecture is correct, it means that the resources of the moon are far more complex and abundant than we think, and there may be some metal elements that the earth does not have.

Although we know that the earth is rich in resources, and there are even more enviable helium-3 resources, it is still impossible to realize lunar mining with the current space technology of human beings. At most, we can collect some samples from the moon for research. For example, chang’e-5 collected about 1713 grams of samples from the moon, which is a little more than three kilograms.

Even if we only bring back more than three kilograms of samples, it’s a great thing for human beings. At present, there are only a few space powers that can realize this technology. It can be seen that human space science and technology can’t exploit the moon.

Of course, human science and technology are developing very fast. It can’t be done now, and it may become a reality in a few decades. Scientists are also full of expectations for the exploitation of resources on the moon. It is expected that in the middle of this century, we will be able to establish a mining base on the moon, and at that time, we will be able to preliminarily realize the exploitation of resources.

Of course, if human beings can realize controllable nuclear fusion technology in the next few decades, the energy and power problems of spacecraft will be able to develop qualitative changes. At that time, the spacecraft will no longer need the boost of rockets to get in and out of the earth, but will be able to lift freely like an aircraft. At that time, human spaceships could easily land on the moon with a large number of materials, really opening up the great development of the moon.

In the future, the moon will become an important gathering point for human beings. There will be not only a lot of mining places, but also lunar cities. Many of the earth’s residents will migrate to the moon city, truly realizing the ancients living on the moon.

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