The Morse code formed on Mars, however, is hard to crack, in which advanced civilization may be lurking

Human beings have never stopped exploring the universe. Nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology and the exploration of the universe, people have more understanding and ideas. Although they finally have some understanding of the universe, it is still difficult to explore the whole universe, because the universe is too big, and the current level of science and technology of human beings is still very limited, and the solar system has not been broken, Not to mention exploring other parts of the universe.

In recent decades, human beings have also launched various devices to explore the moon, to land on the moon for human beings, and to launch radio. The ultimate goal, of course, is to explore whether there are other creatures in the universe and whether we can find other places where human beings can live.

Since the middle of last century, we human scientists have begun to explore the existence of extraterrestrial life. Although scientists have no strong evidence to show the existence of aliens in the universe in the past decades, it can be seen from the previous signs that aliens are really likely to hide in a corner of the universe.

In recent years, the exploration of Mars by scientists can be said to be “hot”. They continue to launch probes to Mars. Recently, moss code, which has caused a sensation in the scientific community, appeared on the sand dunes of the Martian plain.

When it comes to Morse code, it is a code invented by Americans in the early 19th century. It can represent 26 English letters and Arabic numerals with a simple Dun sign and punctuation mark. It is an important application means of radio communication technology and is widely used in various complex password decoding.

Moreover, Morse’s code really surprised scientists, because it was not written by human beings at all, and we have no one on Mars dunes now, so it is very likely that there will be a high-level intelligent civilization on Mars. Of course, this is an accident.

In the process of decoding the Morse code discovered by scientists on sand dunes, it is a pity that the Morse code in the middle part had been erased by nature when it was discovered, leaving only the head and tail. After secret decoding, it was arranged in the order of literal meaning, which did not conform to the grammatical content at all. Therefore, some scientists believe that this is just an accident. The moss code on Mars is produced by natural weathering of sand dunes. It is not intentional. The researchers are just making a fuss.

There must be a large number of experts who think that we can’t jump to a conclusion just based on these superficial evidences. After all, a large part of Morse code has been destroyed. In addition, the possibility of these Moscow symbols appearing in the natural state on the Martian sand dunes is also very small, and there must be other advanced civilizations controlling all this, which are still unknown and need to be further explored by scientists.

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