The most disgusting planet in the universe ejects dirty liquid all day long, but it is full of diamonds

In 2004, an astronomical research team discovered a dense planet in the universe. It’s about 40 light-years away, twice the size of the earth. It’s very massive. It is about 63 times the size of the earth and has a diameter of more than 550000 km. Because this planet is very close to its star, the temperature above it is more than 2000 degrees Celsius, which is very terrible.

Scientists call this planet “55 E Cancer”. There are four planets in the star system it surrounds. Due to the distance, its rotation period is about 18 hours. Like the moon, it is locked by the tide. Therefore, there is only one main star, one is always day, the other is always dark. As a result, the planet’s temperature difference is also very large, with a maximum temperature of 2700 degrees Celsius on the daytime side and about – 200 degrees Celsius on the dark side.

Planetary conditions look very bad

Although the conditions of this planet look terrible, its strong gravity still makes it have an atmosphere above it, so 55e cancer is also a “super earth”. At the same time, scientists say cancer 55e is special and, in a sense, the most disgusting planet in the universe. Because it continuously sprays dirty liquid, it is in a state of “supercritical fluid” all day long.

Keep spraying out the dirty liquid

What does that mean? This is caused by atmospheric pressure and the extreme temperature above it. Scientists say this extreme reaction is caused by the presence of water and sediment on its surface. Naturally, we can see the state of “supercritical fluid” on the earth. In the steam engine, the internal state of water is “supercritical fluid”.

Maybe there’s a liquid ocean

Some scientists believe that although it seems impossible for cancer 55e to exist life, it is the most perfect laboratory in the universe, because through its observation, we can understand how planets formed and the whole process of planetary evolution. At the same time, because it is a planet similar to the earth, and it also has strong gravity, many scientists speculate that there may be a liquid ocean on it, although its surface temperature is very high, which means that it may be a potential home for alien life. Incredible as it is, many people believe that cancer 55e may be able to help humans complete science fiction scenes.

With the deepening of research, not long ago, scientists have discovered some new things. In 55e, cancer, scientists have found a lot of carbon, which means that it is the first planet in the universe made entirely of diamonds. From the inside to the outside, there are diamonds. However, this also brings new problems. It keeps spraying liquid out, where does it come from?

After reading this article, I believe you know something about the most disgusting planet in the universe. In fact, it’s called the most disgusting planet because it’s always in a state of “supercritical fluid.”. This kind of supercritical fluid forms a state between gas and liquid at a certain temperature and pressure. Although it is neither a gas nor a liquid, it has both gas and liquid properties. It is widely used in power supply.

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