The most expensive material in the world, one gram of 25 billion US dollars, one hundred grams can buy Apple!

In many people’s cognition, diamonds and gold are valuable treasures in the world. Especially for some ancient cultural relics and paintings, these works of art are even more valuable. If we look at these elements according to the rule that things are rare, their reserves are still very rich, so they are not particularly rare. Looking at the whole universe, there are some substances whose value is beyond imagination. The value of only 100 grams is enough to buy an entire apple company.

The first one is



This element is a kind of radioactive material, which is worth 30000 US dollars per gram. In fact, the earth is not short of radioactive elements, because the half-life of tritium is 12 years, the longer the time, the less tritium. According to the data of scientists, tritium stored on the earth is on the verge of extinction. Some people will ask such a question, since its content is less and less, can humans make it?

Using modern science and technology, human beings have been able to make tritium artificially by using reactors. However, because the equipment and raw materials are very expensive, even if tritium can be made, the content is still limited. At present, tritium is widely used in military industry and other fields. Many people’s cognition of tritium is still from the light, and the raw materials of Qing Dynasty are all elements.


In addition to tritium, there is another kind of gem in the world. It was once considered as the most precious gem in the world by human beings. This is xonotlite. The value of this kind of ore is also 10 cents high, which costs US $9000 per gram. This kind of ore is generally distributed in a few areas of Myanmar. At present, the largest piece of xonotlite in the world is collected in the British Museum, and its weight is only 1.7g.

The third category is

Californium element


According to the statistics of scientists, one gram of californium costs US $10 million, and its price also changes with the changes of the times. The highest transaction price of californium in history is 27 million yuan per gram. The reason why it has such a high price, in addition to the rare quantity, californium has a very good help for the medical cause, especially the treatment of cervical cancer and brain cancer plays an irreplaceable role.


Some people think that californium is the most expensive substance on the earth, but it is not. Among all the known substances, the most expensive substance is almost hard to find, which is antimatter. One gram of antimatter costs 25 billion US dollars, while Apple’s market value is 2.04 trillion US dollars, which means that it only needs 81.6 grams of antimatter to buy an apple company. What do you want to say about these most expensive substances?

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