The most expensive thing on earth? The cost of 10 grams is 630 trillion US dollars, which can only be made in the United States

Rare material, does it not exist on earth?

The value of material is related to its function and the energy it contains. According to the law of the market, the rarer the material, the more expensive it will be.

What is the most expensive material on earth? It’s definitely not gold, it’s not ambergris, it’s not nuclear material like uranium.

Although the above substances are difficult to obtain compared with ordinary substances in life, they are still abundant on the earth. This kind of material that we are going to talk about today has never been found on earth, even in the whole universe. It is very rare, and if it reacts, its energy is unmatched by nuclear reactors.

It’s antimatter.

Antimatter? Positive matter? The difference lies in this

Many people wonder what this is. In fact, this is the reverse version of normal matter. All its particles are similar in properties, material arrangement and policy. For example, the simplest helium atom is composed of protons and electrons, both of which are positive substances we have seen before. The reverse version of helium atom is antihelium, which is composed of antiprotons and antielectrons.

The difference between an antiparticle and a positron is that the number of charges, baryons, and leptons is opposite.

Helium atoms may be everywhere – there is helium in the atmosphere, so one gram of anti helium atoms can’t be found anywhere. So far, the United States has mastered the method of making antimatter, but the simplest preparation cost of one gram of antimatter is 63 trillion US dollars.

If 10g is prepared, the cost is as high as 630 trillion US dollars.

Why is there no antimatter in the universe

Now we can’t find antimatter in the universe or on the earth, but according to scientists’ estimation, in the early days of the universe, just a few seconds after the big bang, the universe was full of antimatter. At the same time, the number of antimatter and positive matter was equal at that time.

There is as much antimatter as there is positive matter in the universe. After all, both are due to the collision of the universe. The principle of production comes from Einstein’s intelligent equation, and when two high-energy photons collide, the energy carried by them is greater than the static mass of the particle, then the energy will produce the inverse version of the particle.

After that, the positive and negative particles will be generated again at the same time because of the charge. When the universe really cools and expands, and the energy is not enough to produce positive and negative particles, the number of positive and negative particles produced by itself will wipe out all positive and negative particles.

Therefore, in this case, scientists believe that after the disappearance of a large number of positive and negative matter, there will be only a very small amount of positive matter and antimatter left in the universe except for particles, because they are too far away to react with each other.

Therefore, in principle, there should be no planets, stars or galaxies in the universe. After all, these things have a normal large-scale structure of positive matter. However, looking at the universe, many planets, stars and, of course, black holes also exist. So in theory, antimatter shouldn’t be gone, but now it’s gone.

Where is the antimatter effect?

① As I have just mentioned, antimatter and positive matter will counteract each other and react. There is no slag left. After all, the mass contained in them will be converted into pure energy in an instant. At the same time, the efficiency of the reactor is 9 million times higher than that of the nuclear reactor. Therefore, if we can get it, it will be the ultimate energy for human beings.

② At the medical level, some scientists have pointed out that if we can use antimatter to distinguish body images, the imaging effect will be much higher than that of X-ray, which is very good for cancer research.

③ Antimatter will use its huge energy to accelerate the spacecraft. Scientists estimate that the minimum speed is the same as the speed of light.

Although modern human beings are still far away from mass production of antimatter, dreams are always necessary.

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