The most mysterious world lies deep in the earth’s crust. The biosphere is extremely rich and the way of life is more peculiar

As we all know, every living creature has its own way of life, flying in the sky, swimming in the water and running on the ground. There are many kinds and countless. But do you know that there are other creatures that don’t fly in the sky, swim in the water, or run on the ground. They exist in another world, in a special way. And they are more abundant than the creatures on the ground, and even their survival time is longer and older than any creatures we know.

These creatures live deep in the earth’s crust. Even scientists did not expect that there would be such a rich world hidden deep in the earth’s crust. Because the environment inside the earth is dark and high pressure, many people think that there is no life there.

Ten years ago, scientists discovered new species deep in the earth’s crust. So scientists from all over the country were organized to form a new group for research. After ten years of research and exploration, we finally have research results. Recently, we announced the open of this underground biological world. This underground biological world is far larger than the living space on the ground. They live a very low-key life, and no one ever knows about their existence. According to research, they may have existed for millions of years, much longer than humans.

And scientists call the living creatures under the earth’s surface “deep biosphere”. A variety of environments make up a new world, which is almost twice the size of all oceans. What’s even more shocking is that the researchers claim that the creatures there are also thriving.

Because of their different environments, they are fundamentally different from the organisms we know. Whether we humans or animals, in order to survive, we need to breathe oxygen. Even fish in the water need to breathe a certain amount of oxygen. But underground life doesn’t need it. As shown in the above picture, scientists found this kind of life in a gap 2.8 kilometers underground in Johannesburg, South Africa. They rely on hydrogen as energy and can survive even without breathing.

There’s also a microbe, found two kilometers off the coast of Japan, that doesn’t need to breathe oxygen, or even produce methane itself. To be exact, they are made up of ancient bacteria and bacteria. It is because they live in such a mysterious place that they become an independent world forgotten by other creatures, which scientists call “microbial dark matter”.

According to scientists, underground organisms can survive at least 2-2.3 billion cubic kilometers, twice as much as the water stored in the ocean, and their carbon content is 385 times higher than that of human beings. In the past period of time, people just kept exploring the universe and oceans, and did not know that there was such an unexpected world underground. This is another great breakthrough and discovery for the scientific community.

The life of these underground microorganisms is very tenacious. They can not only bear very huge pressure, but also resist high temperature. The maximum temperature of underground environment can reach 121 ℃. And their survival ability is also very strong, can use any way to survive, no need to use oxygen. Although they have been living in a low-key underground environment, they are not necessarily harmless to the earth. Just like the microbes that can produce methane, if methane seeps out of the earth’s crust, it will cause a far greater greenhouse effect than carbon dioxide. So it’s necessary for us to understand these organisms.

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