The most pitiful creature on earth, whose courtship time changes, is now surrounded by people!

The most pitiful creature on earth, whose courtship time changes, is now surrounded by people!

Not only human beings have love, but also animals. We just can’t understand the behavior between them. Scientists once discovered a strange scene. When a couple of flies were pouring out their love, they were suddenly submerged by the resin dripping from the tree. Unfortunately, it has a history of 41 million years. For them, it was a disaster, but now it is priceless. Although the resin has frozen them, due to the petrification, they have formed amber, amber for thousands of years Once in a blue moon, it needs a lot of conditions to form.

The necessary conditions for the formation of amber

First of all, it must be the resin of Nanyang cunninghamiaceae, coniferous and other plants to form amber. Some plants do not have enough resin oil concentration, and they can escape quickly after dripping on the insects. The growth conditions of these plants are also relatively harsh, and they do not exist at any time. In the early days of the earth, the environment was harsh, just like a huge stove, and no living things could survive. It was not until 400 million years ago that the first life was born. The most pitiful creature on earth, whose courtship time changes, is now surrounded by people!

You know, a long time ago, the earth was barren, not to mention the existing plants. According to the research of scientists, the earliest amber came from the early Cretaceous period. At that time, gymnosperms were in the stage of prosperity. Dinosaurs were the overlord on the earth. When the resin drops fell behind, they were buried in the ground by chance. Under the interaction, they would gradually petrify, and then form a rare amber through geological movement. Amber is very precious.

Especially the amber containing insects, it can retain the characteristics of life, help scientists understand them more deeply, even the way of life can be understood thoroughly, amber is something that can be met but not sought. Its formation needs specific plants and accidental conditions, and it can not be formed anywhere. Amber is distributed more in the northern hemisphere, but less in the southern hemisphere, especially in Myanmar. Because of the lush vegetation here, sometimes inadvertently can form amber.

The importance of amber to scientific research

Once upon a time, scientists discovered the feather in Amber by accident. It was inferred that it belonged to dinosaurs. Therefore, scientists had a lot of imagination. Dinosaurs might have thick skin or hard armor. This amber can prove that dinosaurs had feathers. Amber also contains bubbles, which can be used to study the atmospheric composition of the earth at that time. In a word, amber contains a lot of effective information and has high research value. Although the creatures sealed in amber are a tragedy, they have helped many human beings and become a great wealth. It is the most intuitive evidence.

Paleontologists study prehistoric organisms through fossils. Now amber also provides more powerful evidence for them. Its formation can help humans break through more unsolved mysteries. Many secrets of biological survival have the opportunity to reveal. At present, scientists are trying their best to find amber, eager to find more amber to infer what prehistoric earth looked like. What do you think of the formation of amber? You can leave a message for interaction.

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