The most pitiful creature on earth, whose fate has been dominated since childhood, is still wandering in space now!

The most pitiful creature on earth, whose fate has been dominated since childhood, is still wandering in space now!

As early as the last century, the United States and the former Soviet Union have been in a fierce struggle. The Soviet Union made great efforts to develop the space field, and the United States followed closely, ushering in a new era of space. The two countries crushed other countries, and the competition never stopped. They also launched a plan to dig through the earth. In the end, both of them failed. People have to admire the strength of the Soviet Union, and they are still at the top of the list under the relentless pursuit of the United States.

The Soviet Union was the first country to send a man-made satellite into outer space. In 1961, Gagarin went into outer space on dongfang-1, and started a new journey in outer space around one week. The United States was unwilling to lag behind, and then sent astronauts into outer space, but the gap between the two was obvious. It is a pity that the Soviet Union disintegrated and the United States dominated the world. Many countries wanted to keep pace with the United States and made countless efforts. The most pitiful creature on earth, whose fate has been dominated since childhood, is still wandering in space now!

Why do humans treat animals as subjects

As we all know, the environment in outer space is complex and harsh. It’s not on the same level as the earth. It’s very difficult to breathe, let alone walk in outer space. At that time, science and technology were relatively backward, and scientists did not dare to send astronauts to space at will. There might be no return. There was a certain degree of difficulty in wanting to know more about outer space. Since humans could not use it, experts focused on animals.

There are many intelligent creatures on the earth. Although they don’t have human brains, they have quick thinking and can understand the simple operation of human beings. After various screening, the Soviet space agency decided to choose a dog to take the place of human beings to enter outer space. By chance, the scientists chose a stray dog, which is Leika. Lycra is the most outstanding among many stray dogs, and has strong adaptability. It is highly trained, and often simulates the living environment of the space capsule, so as to cut off water and food for it and make full preparations.

Leica’s tragic fate

In 1957, Leica finally landed in outer space. No one knows what fate it will face. When the rocket slowly rises, the temperature inside the spacecraft gradually rises. It is said that Leica was killed by the heat after only three hours in the spaceship. Leika’s death has greatly affected human beings. With this failure and lessons, the Soviet Union began to devote itself to the aerospace industry. The stray dog’s fate is miserable and will never return to the earth. It is very pitiful. It has been wandering for the first half of its life, and it has been used as an experimental object for the second half of its life.

At present, its statues are for people to look at, and its deeds are also admired, which is its only value. Animals also have life, but they can’t express it in words. They are also members of nature. Many experiments are very cruel. Animals are regarded as experimental objects. No matter whether they live or die, in fact, animals also have thinking. Human beings have never considered their feelings. The death of Leica is extremely painful. What do you think of the fate of this stray dog? You can leave a message for interaction.

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