The most powerful weapon in human history is not in the army, but in the pocket

Since the birth of mankind, war has been accompanied by the history of human development. In war, weapons are the key factor to determine the outcome of war. Let’s start by reviewing some milestone weapons in the history of human war. These weapons are not the most powerful, advanced and famous, but the ones that have the greatest impact on the process of human history.

Spear is the oldest and simplest weapon in history. With a long rod and a sharp arrow, spear can be said to be the enlightenment weapon of human beings. Fighting with spear can be traced back to 1000 BC or even 2000 years later, which shows the dominant position of spear in weapons.

In the war, people gradually accumulated experience and tactics, and developed from simple hand to hand combat to long-range attack. Bow and arrow appeared in this way. Human beings can effectively attack the enemy from a long distance. Because of the existence of bow and arrow, the three-dimensional combat mode was born.

The development of science and technology, the maneuverability and great lethality of muskets made bows and crossbows obsolete. Although muskets at that time could not be compared with any modern guns, muskets were indeed a major change in weapons in the history of human war.

From the era of cold weapons to the era of hot weapons, human beings have gradually evolved to the era of high-tech weapons. It can be said that the emergence of nuclear weapons has eliminated the all-round war of close combat. Nuclear weapons can be said to be weapons that can defeat the enemy with one move. Its strength can be asked by Japan in those years. Speaking of this, I would like to laugh for a while. One reason is to thank Japan for being shot twice in those years, which made people all over the world know the power of nuclear weapons. This is Japan’s contribution to the people of the world.

Another thing to laugh at is that the most powerful weapon is coming. At this moment, 90% of the people are holding this weapon and fiddling with it, and the remaining 10% are putting it in their pockets and wandering around the street. Guess what? The most powerful weapon is the mobile phone.

As a matter of fact, mobile phones are also lethal. If you don’t believe it, you can ask a star brand mobile phone or look at the battlefield in Afghanistan and Syria. Sometimes it’s a bomb, sometimes it’s the remote control of a bomb. But the most powerful thing about mobile phones is that they have killed many great inventions of mankind. Mobile phones have killed TV sets, computers, watches, landlines and photos Cameras, radios, flashlights, mirrors, newspapers and so on, and what else have cell phones done? We can think about it together.

It has killed so much now. What about the future? Mobile phones will also kill eyes and cervical vertebrae, health, marriage, family, and the next generation, which is bound to kill a lot. Oh, I don’t dare to think about it any more. I’d better look at my mobile phone.

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