The most tragic tragedy in history, it is the product of consanguineous marriage, from birth to disease!

The most tragic tragedy in history, it is the product of consanguineous marriage, from birth to disease!

Nature has its survival rules. All creatures on the earth follow the natural law of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Only the strong can have a certain position in nature, and the weak will eventually die. Although many creatures don’t have the ability of independent thinking and consciousness, many of their behaviors are very similar to human beings, and the consequences are almost the same.

I think everyone has heard of close relative marriage. The legendary close relative marriage will directly affect the next generation, so many people are very taboo about close relative marriage. According to the daily mail, there is a strange looking tiger Kenny. This tiger is very different from a normal tiger in appearance. It is extremely ugly and ferocious. Many people call it the ugliest tiger in the world. Through in-depth analysis by scientists, they know that this tiger is the product of consanguineous marriage. The most tragic tragedy in history, it is the product of consanguineous marriage, from birth to disease!

Its hair is white, so it is called white tiger. It is a white variety of Bengal tiger. It is mainly produced in Yunnan, Myanmar and India. Its living habits are similar to those of ordinary tigers. In the 1970s, after discovering the white tiger, it was introduced into the animal park to breed. Its body is not normal yellow black, even the tiger has no consciousness of predation Some people speculated that if the white tiger was put into the wild, it would be bullied and starved to death.

White tiger is very rare. In the natural environment, almost 10000 ordinary tigers will give birth to a white tiger, so the Zoo began to treat white tiger very much. We can see that most of the white tigers in the zoo are inbreeding, and their genes are relatively diversified. The main reason is that the number is too small to avoid, so they can only inbreeding. Kenny is the most obvious white tiger. It not only looks ugly, but also leaves a lot of genetic diseases. The immune system is not as good as a normal tiger. It has many defects, often gets sick, and even has a short life span.

Many diseases have been gradually revealed, such as eye protrusion, neurological disorders, dysplasia, and so on. Even many inbred white tigers are stillborn or deformed. To be exact, they are not endangered creatures and need not be saved. They should not exist in this world. Even the inbreeding of animals will produce all kinds of problems, not to mention human beings. Therefore, many people especially taboo the marriage of close relatives, which is not only irresponsible to themselves, but also irresponsible to the next generation.

Many people marry close relatives, causing their next generation to have all kinds of problems. Compared with children of the same age, it’s like an alien, which will destroy their children’s life. So before getting married close relatives, we must consider many factors and problems, which are worthy of attention. It’s no wonder that since ancient times, people have avoided getting married close relatives. Do you have such an understanding of getting married close relatives ? You can leave a message for interaction.

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