The mother said, coffee contains carcinogen acrylamide, so can’t drink

Coffee is an essential part of life for most people nowadays. But recently, the news broke that “Starbucks Coffee causes cancer”. Is coffee really carcinogenic? Can we still have coffee in the future?

Let’s first talk about why the news of cancer caused by Starbucks coffee comes out. That’s because a California Court ruled that coffee sellers in California need to put a warning on the label of coffee to let consumers know that coffee contains a “potentially carcinogenic substance.”. And this is acrylamide. There is no doubt that acrylamide is a carcinogen, but it is not only found in coffee.

Acrylamide is widely found in baked foods containing starch, but it has been known for more than 20 years. In fact, the amount of acrylamide that we humans can contact and ingest is very small. If animals are exposed to a large amount of acrylamide, it will cause cancer. The amount of acrylamide that we humans ingest from food can be said to be one thousandth of that of animals.

Acrylamide in coffee is produced during coffee roasting. American scientists pointed out that as long as a food contains starch and amino acids, a small amount of acrylamide will be produced in the process of high temperature baking. It is most easily found in fried and baked foods. But it doesn’t matter if people eat this kind of food. A large number of animals will cause cancer, but people will not drink acrylamide with a big bottle!

It’s true that there are carcinogens in coffee, but the amount of carcinogens is negligible. So if you’re afraid of cancer, you can also choose not to drink coffee or eat baked goods. As for why this problem will be turned out again and publicized as a problem, maybe people are more concerned about their health now, but staying up late drinking coffee is not the pot of coffee at this time.

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