The murals in the mysterious tunnel, all kinds of scenes are puzzling. Are they really left by aliens?

Scientists are deeply puzzled by the vicissitudes of things and the many footprints left on the earth. Despite the emergence of many prehistoric civilizations in the 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth, these prehistoric civilizations have not completely disappeared. The exploration of prehistoric civilization is also very simple, just like the Loulan ancient country, the Maya civilization, or the mysterious Atlantis, which is beyond the reach of human beings.

In fact, from these puzzling ancient civilizations, it is obvious that human exploration of the earth is far from enough. Moreover, scientists also believe that it is not easy for human beings to survive on the earth, and there have been five mass extinctions on the earth before human beings. All the five mass extinctions have caused the destruction of the earth’s creatures. However, the speed of the earth’s recovery has created one fresh life after another, and human beings are just one of them.

There are many species that can survive on the earth. What is human? A scientific investigation team from Argentina in the 1960s, when surveying in South America, accidentally fell into a mysterious tunnel, which is only 3 square meters in size. But the scene in the cave puzzled the scientists. They even thought that it was possible that the earth came earlier than human beings, and the aliens came earlier than human beings. What happened? Do aliens really exist outside the earth?

In the cave, scientists found many murals. In fact, there is nothing special in the cave except murals. However, the picture in this mural surprised scientists, because all the people in the cave were sitting on something similar to a spaceship.

In some contemporary science fiction movies, aliens come to the earth by UFO or spaceship. But in the last century, the murals found in the murals, there were alien space. Does this mean that the UFO really came to the earth, and there were aliens on the earth?

It is obvious that the mysterious caves discovered by scientists have gone beyond the normal human understanding of the inherent things. The scene in the cave is also puzzling. Maybe once upon a time, there were some mysterious civilization continuations on the earth, and aliens did come to the earth by spaceship, but these are not what human beings can pursue today. In the final analysis, with today’s human technology, the exploration of space and the exploration of the earth are very troublesome, not to mention the discovery of a more advanced alien civilization than human beings on the way of exploration!

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