The mysterious ancient city that existed 1.3 billion years ago, or the existence of prehistoric civilization?

Man is a creature with advanced intelligence on the earth, and the most important feature of high intelligence creatures is that they can think independently. Therefore, human beings often think about where they come from and how they were born. According to the theory of evolution, the ancestor of human beings is orangutan. It took human beings millions of years to evolve from orangutan to ape, and then from ape to modern Homo sapiens. This is Darwin, a biologist The fact that evolution is stated in the origin of species.

Darwin’s theory of evolution

Although the theory of evolution has been supported and recognized by many scientists, there are still many fatal loopholes in using this theory to explain the origin of human beings. For example, why can only human beings evolve into advanced intelligent creatures of hundreds of thousands of species on the earth? Does evolution itself have the function of recognition and make organisms evolve into bisexuals? In short, evolutionary theory can not fully explain the mystery of human origin.

Human evolution

Now, according to the theory of evolution and modern technology, scientists have found that human beings are the first advanced intelligent creatures since the birth of the earth 4.6 billion years ago, and human civilization is also the only higher civilization on the earth. This conclusion has become a recognized fact of human beings and has been accepted by scientists for a long time. However, in recent years, more and more evidence shows that human civilization is not the earth The only civilization on the ball.

In recent decades, human beings have found many suspicious relics of prehistoric civilization on the earth, such as the nuclear reactor 2 billion years ago, the metal ball 2 billion years ago, the human footprints 300 million years ago, the artificial heart 50000 years ago, the undersea city 10000 years ago, and so on. In addition to the relics, there are Egyptian pyramids, mohenyodaro in ancient India, the ancient city of Inca, and so on. It is believed that these relics are all ancient These relics show that there may be a higher level of civilization before human beings.

Nuclear reactors two billion years ago

Archaeologists also found that there was a historical fault of 130000 years in the process of human evolution. Therefore, archaeologists speculated that before human beings, there might be highly civilized aliens living on the earth. Later, for some reason, the alien civilization had to leave the earth. Although the alien civilization felt sorry to leave this beautiful planet and did nothing, they chose to leave There’s an organism that’s genetically modified, and that’s hominids.

Foreign civilization

After the genetic transformation of the alien civilization, the wisdom of the ancient ape evolved rapidly, and it took only a few million years to evolve into a high-level intelligent creature. At this time, the alien higher civilization has completed the interstellar migration, and finally human beings have become the next ruler of the earth. Due to the negligence of the alien higher civilization, the relics left by the prehistoric civilization have not been completely eliminated on the earth, So let human beings continue to find these relics. This conjecture holds that human beings are actually genes from alien civilizations. Human beings do not belong to the earth itself, but are transformed by aliens. Whether this conjecture is true or not, human beings are still constantly searching for answers.

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