The mysterious architecture under the ice and snow in Antarctica is similar to the pyramid in shape, and there may be an alien civilization

Up to now, whether prehistoric civilization really exists has been a controversial topic, which has also aroused people’s attention. All kinds of signs show that the possibility of the existence of prehistoric civilization is really great. The known mass extinctions have gone through five times. Did prehistoric civilization ever go extinct without being discovered?

The rapid development of science and technology. People are exploring the universe, but what is beyond it? It is still inconclusive. ” When people judge a thing, they always consider its own logic. It is generally believed that space is logical and can be divided into internal and external. But is the universe divided into internal and external? At present, scientists can’t explain it.

The reason why people believe in the existence of prehistoric civilization is that some people, in the process of various explorations, according to their own logic, published the theory of prehistoric civilization. But the scientific community does not recognize this fact. Scientists believe that there is no prehistoric civilization on earth. Some people think that the earth has not been thoroughly explored.

Although humans have explored some places, there are still many places that cannot be explored that have not been carefully searched. But so far, there is no direct evidence of prehistoric civilization. Perhaps because of too long time and the earth’s crustal movement, some undiscovered things are buried deep underground, and now human beings can’t explore them.

In Antarctica, there’s a lot of ice that’s covered with people and can’t be searched on a large scale. Others believe that there are traces of prehistoric civilization in Antarctica. This is the basis of the existence under the Antarctic ice. Under the ice and snow, there are many unknown secrets. In recent years, some buildings have been found in Antarctica, and the discovery of these buildings makes people feel more like prehistoric civilization. Some people think it is a relic of prehistoric civilization. Recently, someone exposed a group of photos of a pyramid shaped building under the Antarctic snow. These buildings are believed to have been built by aliens. People think it was built by geocentric people. But it’s just speculation, there’s no evidence.

There’s a huge hole in the Antarctic hills. Some people say the hole is related to aliens and geocentric people. Scientists have published papers before. 6000-10000 years ago, they thought there might be a civilization in Antarctica. In the 1600’s, a map was drawn. This map not only restores the Antarctic continent, but also depicts the Antarctic continent when it was not covered with ice and snow. I think piriles referred to ancient maps before drawing this one. Where did that ancient map come from? It’s not known yet.

Of course, when exploration is no longer limited by the environment, all problems can be solved. Is there any vestige of prehistoric civilization in Antarctica? It is only a matter of time before such problems can be solved.

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