The mysterious blue ice is fragrant in the sky. The villagers think it’s a treasure. After the expert’s analysis, it’s speechless!

The roof of a villager’s house in Beijing was smashed. At the same time, with a loud noise, a blue irregular object appeared. It even nearly hit the villager. But look carefully, it turned out to be a piece of ice. It’s more surprising than that. According to principle, due to air resistance, objects falling from high altitude will have burn marks on the surface, so ice and other crystal objects may not exist. But unexpectedly, the villager collected six blue crystals, large and small.

When something big happened in the village, people went to watch. This kind of heavenly ice has a delicate fragrance. It’s full of light and gentle blue. It has to be said that it caused a great sensation among the villagers. Some bold villagers dig a little bit down with their hands and taste it carefully in their mouths. They say “it’s not bad” while aftertaste. The rest of the villagers ask for blue ice. They put it in the refrigerator to freeze and lick it three times a day, the same frequency as eating. These villagers regard blue ice as “rootless water” and believe that rootless water can enhance immunity and cure all diseases. People agree with this saying one after another. At last, the legend became more and more popular and shocked scientists.

Scientists have formed several different professional teams to record, analyze and investigate the blue ice, and use toxicological analysis to study its components. The results show that the components are: organic acids, fungicides, spices, water.

Scientists can’t laugh or cry when they get the results, so how did this mysterious blue ice come into being? Why do ingredients make scientists so speechless?

In fact, blue ice is the frozen product of the mixture of human excrement and jiexiling. It usually falls from the plane. This time, it just happens to hit the villagers’ homes. At the beginning, the way for aircraft to deal with excrement was to put excrement in storage tanks, which seemed convenient, but there were many problems in actual operation.

In the final analysis, it is because the technical level is not up to standard. In the early days, the tightness of the aircraft’s sewage pipeline was not comparable with the modern aviation technology, and it was relatively easy to leak. When the mixture starts to leak due to the turbulence of the aircraft, it will definitely form ice when it encounters low temperature at high altitude. With the increase of leakage liquid, the volume of blue ice will continue to grow, attached to the cabin. When the altitude drops and the temperature rises, part of the blue ice will melt and fall off. Although most of the blue ice in the process of decline with the increase of temperature and transpiration reaction, but also does not rule out the existence of very large blue ice. So it appears at the beginning of the article that the huge blue ice falls into the residents’ homes.

So why is it light blue with fragrance? Light blue is due to the use of fungicides, and this kind of fungicide is a compound fungicide, which contains formalin and other solutions, and finally presents blue; fragrance is a deodorant, in order to cover up the taste of human mixed excreta. As for all kinds of diseases, it’s just the psychological function of the villagers. In ancient times, Shennong tasted all kinds of herbs, but now some villagers tasted Shenbing. For everyone’s physical and mental safety, the author’s suggestion is: do not be eager to try abnormal things, do things to understand the whole picture, think twice before you act.

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