The mysterious book 600 years ago contains strange contents, and experts suspect that it was written by aliens

There are thousands of mysteries in the world, and there are countless mysteries that can’t be solved. The once mysterious jade pendant of Pisces may be a little familiar, but this mysterious book doesn’t look like the whole of the earth. Even experts guess that it may be alien notes. Are these true?

There is no more advanced earth civilization than human civilization. Before the existence of human beings, the earth was ruled by dinosaurs, a giant reptile. However, it was completely extinct at the end of the Cretaceous 65 million years ago. Now human beings can only look at dinosaur fossils and recall the age of dinosaurs! Although dinosaurs have ruled the earth for 80 million years, they did not produce “civilization”, but transmitted “violence”! The appearance of human civilization has changed the face of the earth and made the environment more beautiful and comfortable. However, a mysterious book, Voynich manuscript, has been discovered!

So far, Voynich manuscript has been discovered for more than 100 years, but its 230 page secret has not been discovered! Voynich’s manuscript is a mysterious book with unknown content. It is said that it was published 400 or 600 years ago. The letters and language used in the book are not from any country on the earth, so they can’t be recognized. Moreover, the book contains a large number of illustrations, including mysterious and strange patterns such as celestial bodies, fantasy plants and naked women in the universe! In 1912, Wilfred Voynich, an American bookseller, found this mysterious book in the basement of a Jesuit University Library in Rome! For booksellers, this strange book is a treasure, and Voynich loves it!

But what bothers Voynich is that he doesn’t know the content described in the book, but the meaning expressed by these mysterious and strange pictures is confused. In order to find the answer, Voynich invited the top cryptography experts at that time to crack the book, but after 90 years of exploration, he still failed to solve the mystery. This mysterious letter is also known as“ Voynich! What’s confusing and frightening is the source of this book – maybe alien notes! Why did you guess that? First, the text on the book is not the earth text. Second, the illustrations on the book are mostly objects outside the earth, which have nothing to do with the earth!

Did aliens leave an alien record on earth? Does the expert really answer that? At that time, some experts speculated that the manuscript might be a hoax! Although scientists have found clues, they still can’t solve the mystery. Those who are eager to know the answer are still exploring, while those who have no brains have lost patience – cheating!

But is it a hoax? For this point, experts may not be very clear, because no expert has specially studied how to write a large section of century ciphertext. It is very difficult to find the true works, and the false words are even more difficult. It is also very difficult to imitate Voynichese. Although some letters look familiar, they are very common and strangely connected!

The Voynich manuscript may be an alien record rather than a hoax! In recent years, the word “alien” has appeared in the public’s field of vision, which may cause “panic”, but human beings are still full of fantasy about aliens, and the illustrations in the “notes” may be more easily associated with “alien notes”! No one knows where it comes from, and the alien notes are just a guess! What do you think of it?

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