The mysterious celestial body suddenly intrudes into the solar system, and the solar system welcomes the ninth planet? Cause a sensation in scientific circles

In recent years, scientists have conducted in-depth research on the eight planets in the solar system. Many phenomena not found on the earth have been observed by space probes, telescopes and satellites, and more detailed data of the eight planets have been obtained. But scientists have been trying to find the ninth largest planet in the solar system.

Scientists have learned that since Pluto, the original ninth planet, was reduced to a dwarf planet due to its small mass in 2006, scientists have begun their journey to find the ninth planet. In recent years, many planets suspected to be the ninth largest have been discovered by some scientists, but they have not been unanimously recognized.

To solve this problem, scientists proposed a hypothetical planet scheme last year to look for traces of the ninth largest planet. What we call hypothetical planets, as the name suggests, is the existence of nine planets.

In the solar system, scientists believe that the ninth planet was originally a drifting planet, which was attracted by the sun’s gravity and became the ninth planet. So the scientists simulated the process.

The first problem is that the planet is a product of the big bang, and after a long interstellar journey, it finally reached the solar system. Then, it will find the most suitable position in the gravitational field of the solar system. Finally, at some point, it just entered the orbit of the ninth planet and began its journey around the sun.

That’s just what some scientists think, because some of them don’t think so. An independent group made its own point last year. Scientists believe that the ninth planet was beyond the control of another star system more than a billion years ago. It was attracted by the gravity of the solar system, so it became the ninth planet of the solar system. In other words, the ninth planet may be an old-fashioned planet.

As the saying goes, “a thousand people have a thousand dreams of Red Mansions in their eyes.”. Astronomers have their own views on the origin of the ninth planet. They believe that according to the law of universal gravitation, the gravitational range of any object is infinite. Therefore, theoretically speaking, every corner of the universe is affected by the solar gravity, only with different intensities. Therefore, it is unscientific to use the solar gravity to define the range of the solar system.

That is to say, the ninth planet can not be a wandering planet in the universe, but around the gravity of another star, running with the whole system. Then accidentally into our solar system’s strong gravitational zone, was “robbed” just.

We believe that there will be a breakthrough in the exploration of the ninth planet in the near future. Let’s look forward to it together.

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