The mysterious civilization 4500 years ago is more intelligent than human beings, or it really exists on the earth

Nowadays, there are a large number of ancient cultural sites on the earth, which has been the focus of scientists’ research, because these ancient buildings are the crystallization of human civilization. However, behind some great civilizations, there will be some buildings suspected to be built by advanced civilizations.

In modern times, many ancient objects have been unearthed all over the world. Through the research of modern scientists, the blank of ancient world in people’s mind has been gradually improved. When this gap is gradually filled, we know that there are many advanced civilizations in ancient times, among which the most mysterious is the Maya civilization.

I believe we all know that this civilization has a high level of culture and architecture, which almost surpasses other civilizations of the same period. Especially in mathematics and astronomy, they seem to have come back from modern times. They not only know the trajectories of the planets in the solar system, but also know the rotation periods of these planets. It can be said that this highly accurate calculation is in the known ancient literature Ming Dynasty is second to none.

There are also mysterious ancient Egyptian pyramids. It is mentioned that ancient Egypt is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world. Naturally, there are many places worthy of archaeologists’ study. But behind this, it has been difficult for researchers to understand that these ancient mysterious buildings are probably not from humans, but are related to aliens. In other words, let the Egyptian civilization become the descendant of human beings from aliens, and build a mysterious pyramid on the earth, so that scientists can never discover its secret.

We should know that all kinds of operating parameters of the solar system are also inferred by modern science and technology and computers. Moreover, in 2500 BC, human beings were close to the original living standard, and their astronomical level was incredible.

In addition, Maya also predicted that when we find this powerful and mysterious civilization from the wreckage, we will sigh about its height, and at the same time, we will sigh that it suddenly disappeared in the long river of history.

In the 16th century, when the Spanish army arrived at the Yucatan peninsula where the Maya lived, it found that this civilization had long disappeared, and before the 16th century, it seemed that no other countries had heard of fighting with the Maya civilization.

But just like this, a highly developed civilization, which is very advanced in religion, architecture, mathematics, astronomy and so on, mysteriously disappeared. There is no historical record of where they went. However, after carefully looking at their original origins, we can see that their appearance is also very mysterious. It seems that they suddenly came. There is no record of where they came from.

It is speculated that they or the descendants of extraterrestrial civilization came to live on the earth temporarily due to the problem of the original planet, and then maybe the problem was solved, or they found a more suitable planet for them to live on, so they moved.

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