The mysterious disc, which has been sleeping for 140000 years, is huge in size, or is left by alien visitors

Located in the Baltic Sea between northern and central Europe, it is windy and rainy all the year round, and the climate is cold. Many ships have sunk here since ancient times, which also makes today’s many treasure hunters come here to search. In June 2001, a team named oceanx discovered a mysterious disc similar to that in a science fiction movie by accident while using sonar detection. However, with the further research, it brings us an unsolvable mystery.

Baltic disc

The disc was discovered for the first time with a diameter of about 61 meters and a height of about 8 meters. When oceanx made the news public, some geologists believed that it was formed naturally due to the rise of natural gas on the seabed. Although oceanx heard the news, it still decided to continue its exploration. The oceanx team sent an undersea detector to the sea. However, when the detector reached the disc, it suddenly broke down. When the detector was pulled back, all the instruments on board also broke down and returned to normal after 200 meters, which made the oceanx team even more excited.

Underwater detection

Because the machine could not be used, ocean X company decided to send a professional diver to the ship. When the diver came to the disk with the equipment and was ready for research, the light on his head suddenly went out, the oxygen cylinder failed and he had to return in an emergency. Later, the indomitable oceanx diver launched again and finally found some debris on a disc.

Disc fragment

When people began to study this piece of stone, they had a surprising discovery. This piece of stone contains a large amount of titanium, iron and manganese, and the content is very high, almost equivalent to a piece of metal. According to scientific judgment, it is not a natural thing, but should be the product of 140000 years ago. Therefore, based on the above fishing process and research data, various scientific enthusiasts put forward various views.

Underwater disc

Secret weapons of the United States a historian pointed out that the United States deployed a large number of submarine detectors in the Baltic Sea to monitor the submarines of the United States and the Soviet Union during the cold war. Because of possible electromagnetic interference, all detectors and searchlights failed.

Soviet American Cold War

The Nazi secret weapons organization. During the Second World War, Germany’s scientific and technological strength was quite strong. It is said that it could surpass that of the United States for 25 years. Moreover, there are many reports that Germany was studying saucer shaped aircraft during the Second World War. This is probably what Germany studied during the Second World War. Because of an accident, it sank to the bottom of the sea.

Nazi flying saucer

After that, oceanx took many sonar photos at the disk again. After careful study, it was found that the disk had a very long track, and further explored other similar disks along the track. By comparing the track with the two disks, it was found that this was very similar to the separation trace of the aircraft crash. At the same time, a Swedish reporter said that he had interviewed a Swedish Air Force pilot before. The pilot said that when he was on a mission over the Baltic Sea in 1977, he found a huge saucer shaped aircraft flying at high speed on the sea. He doubted that it was the flying saucer he saw at that time, so many people thought it was a UFO.

Underwater UFO

Through years of research, people’s understanding of the disk data information is more and more clear. Many people also find that there is a horizontal text on the disk, just like the text of Atlantis, which also makes people have more speculation about the disk. There are many unsolved mysteries about this disc. If it is indeed the product of UFO or prehistoric civilization, its discovery will have a significant impact on the whole human history.

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