The “mysterious lake” in the Himalayas, where ice and snow melt, makes people think deeply about the things in the lake!

In fact, in the distant past, the Himalayas were not as tall and straight as they are today. In the past, it used to be a vast ocean. After a long geological movement, the highest mountains were formed. Although the Himalayas are still standing, the geological movement is still going on and never stops.

In Tibetan, Everest means the third goddess. Because Everest is covered with ice and snow all the year round, many people go to climb it. In fact, in addition to the spectacular snow scenery, there are many legends about Mount Everest. Once someone saw huge footprints on Mount Everest, which seems to coincide with the legend of snowman. Whether there are any unknown creatures in the mountain is still unknown. There is a small mountainside in the Himalayas, and one of the lakes has attracted people’s attention. This lake often gives people a strange and gloomy feeling. What’s the matter?

Skeleton Lake

It turns out that there are countless corpses in this lake in the Himalayas. Because the location of this lake is covered by snow all the year round, it is difficult for people to pay attention to this place. However, with the rising global temperature, the snow and ice in the Himalayas are slowly melting. This lake appears in front of human beings, and the corpses hidden in the lake are slowly revealed Come on, so this lake also has a terrible name. It’s called skeleton lake. It smells of gloomy death.

With the increasing number of people climbing Mount Everest, many people speculate that the bodies in the lake are probably the bodies of the killed climbers. Even though the climbers have done enough protection work, the climate of Mount Everest is very bad and changeable, so many people will also encounter avalanches and die on the way. Scientists were also very curious after seeing this phenomenon, so they also went to the lake to explore. After testing these bodies, they found that these remains were actually from ancient Iranians. Because of the extremely low temperature on Mount Everest, these bones are well preserved.

With the appearance of this lake in front of human beings, scientists are worried. This can only show one problem. The temperature of the earth is still rising. As the highest mountain in the world, the glaciers of Mount Everest have begun to melt, which is enough to show how serious the climate deterioration is.

Unexpectedly, the Holy Land in many people’s hearts has not been able to escape the doom of global warming. Although Mt. Everest is full of mystery, with the continuous visits of human beings, it has long been a quiet place. Just like this skull lake, it is also a warning to human beings. I don’t know what people think?

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