The mysterious people who “walk on the bottom of the sea” will be dizzy when they go to land. They have special physique and no nationality

Living in a world of thousands, life is like a grain of dust. It has its own meaning in both the desert and the sea. There exists such a nation in the world. The king of the sea can dive into the sea to catch food for as long as ten minutes.

Xiaobian lifts the veil of this nation: in a certain sea area of Malaysia, there is such a nation. They are ba Yao people, who have an indissoluble bond with the sea. It is said that a long time ago, the princess of Malaysia was swept away by the flood. The princess’s father sent someone to find her daughter. If she couldn’t find her back, she would be beheaded, so the soldiers had to stay in the water Looking for, he finally became the ancestor of the Bayao people. Because he had been in the water for a long time, he gradually degenerated and lost touch with the land. The Bayao people’s life range is very wide, spanning six countries, such as Malaysia and Indonesia. The sea area here is very rich in marine life, rare animals, prey on marine animals, choose the embrace of the sea, and live a happy life of nomads No worries, build wooden houses and boats.

Bayao children have never studied mathematics, science and other subjects since childhood. They have been carrying knives, forks, swords, halberds, fishing, and catching shrimps since childhood. There is a custom here that the eardrum will be punctured from the lower ear. In order to adapt to the pressure of the sea bottom and reduce pain, this is the only nation in the world that can walk freely under the water. At the same time, there are advantages and disadvantages. Bayao people will feel dizzy on land, and with the development of society With the development of the times, scientists have studied the Bayao people, and finally solved the secret of their body. With the development of the times, the progress of human beings, and the passage of time, Bayao people have experienced natural changes, leading to gene mutation. Their spleen, stomach and liver are larger than normal people, so their vital capacity exceeds normal people, and they hold their breath underwater for longer than normal people The spleen itself hides the “diving reaction” of mammals. When the first reaction organ of drowning contracts, red blood cells are sent into the circulatory system of the human body, so the human body stays underwater for a longer time, so they have high altitude genes.

They are worthy of the “four seas as their home”. Their living conditions are exchanging the fish and shrimps they catch for rice. A small number of Bayao people live on boats. Their life, old age, illness and death are all at sea, which has never changed for hundreds of years. They have no nationality. Some countries control the number of Bayao people in order to compete for sea areas and resources. The number of Bayao people is decreasing.

Life is not easy. If you think it’s easy, someone must be carrying a load for you. Xiaobian appeals to friends who live on the same earth, please protect the human beings of Ba Yao nationality, protect our resources and oceans, and let’s build a beautiful home together!

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